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1970s Vintage Unigate Milk Bottles for sale

These vintage milk bottles are original and from the 1970s. Back in the days when dairies such as Unigate delivered milk to our doors, companies liked to advertise on the side of milk bottles, hoping to reach out to people across their breakfast tables and cornflakes!  

yay retro! have a couple of vintage milk bottles for sale in our vintage shop here. One is from the era of the 'Watch out there's a Humphrey about' adverts. The Humphrey's were red & white straws who stole milk!  The other we have in stock features one of the 'Wonderfuel Gas' adverts. This has a very cute blue gas flame, recommending loft insualtion on it. We can combine postage via a refund after purchase if you wish to buy both of thee lovely bottles for your milk bottle collection.
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