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Pretty Vintage Tablewares at yay retro!

These pretty vintage wares are all representative pieces of the eras in which they were made...From left to right we have a plastic 1960s tray, a 1950s pink check china cup and saucer and a 1940s or perhaps 30s fine china sugar bowl.

Plastic was invented as early as 1907, by the 1960s it was stable and cheap enough to produce in bulk and became a very popular material for the home. People even had plastic clothes - I had a shiny thick plastic coat, but dresses were also made, can you imagine?

After the war years, the rationing and restrictions brought by the government's utility scheme; manufacturers in the 1950s were at last free to make bright colourful tablewares. Many of them celebrated big style, with bright check china! Empire, Washington Pottery and Alfred Meakin all made sets in the style of the pink cup and saucer above. Joyous isn't it?

Prior to the war, fine china was the thing to own. Many people kept it for best in their front rooms (which were barely used). My Nan's front room was spotlessly clean and I can only ever recall popping in for a look, no one used it even though Nan lived in a 2 up 2 down and could have done with using the space!  The room was a showpiece with a pale green sofa, immaculate fireplace and glass cabinets of prized china.  The gorgeous sugar bowl above, may have resided in just such a room, waiting for a special occasion!

Why not pop into yay retro! now for a browse to see what lovely vintage wares you can find for your modern vintage home? We do combine postage wherever we can. We sell vintage homewares from the 1930s to the 1970s.
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