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Washed & Found Sea Glass & Vintage Pottery Jewellery

Here's another fab artist that I've met during my Facebook's Suzanne from Washed and Found who makes stunning jewellery from found glass & pottery, combined with silver and copper. Suzanne has been making jewellery for over 8 years and has a real affinity with sea glass which she finds on the sea shore.

Having completed a metalsmithing course, she combines these precious finds with hand made metal components to create her very own unique designs. The attraction for me is the carefully cut out teeny hearts which really make the pieces rather stunning. I just adore the colour and feel of copper too, and also the beaten copper hearts and circles with names or words etched onto on them.

Suzanne says she finds the sea glass whilst on holidays around the British Coast. Recently she came back from a holiday in the Scilly Isles, where she acquired a very large stash after combing the beaches there! The pottery fragments are made from broken pieces which are gently tumbled to soften the edges. She also collects pottery shards from the edge of the river Thames, which sells in the collectors section of her Folksy shop. Currently she is exploring ways of incorporating her Thames finds into her work.

Suzanne says that due to her love of vintage glass, she really likes the pressed glassware in the yay retro! shop. Pieces such as the Art Deco Pressed Glass Storage Jar 'fit the bill perfectly - it looks gorgeous', she says.

If you would like to take a look at the Washed and Found collection on Folksy click here.

If you fancy a browse in the yay retro! shop click here.

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