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Vintage Sprite 400 Caravan

Recently at The Yellow Vintage Fair I came across the most adorable dinky little caravan, when I stepped inside I was taken right back to my childhood... It turned out that the caravan was a Sprite 400, and this was the eaxct model my parents had in the 1960s/70s. I was very emotional looking inside as it brought back so many memories for me. One of the biggest surprises was the size, as I remember it as being a lot bigger. I had to phone my Mum to check if we definitely had the Sprite 400, and 'yes we did'!

We went to Woolacombe in Devon at least 4 times a year with it, driving for hours and hours, as back then there were no motorways! I slept on the hammock bed above my brother, and my Mum tells me that we used to put out the double bed and the 4 of us would watch TV...I absolutely cannot recall having a TV in the van, so that was news (how modern of us!). It would have been B&W of course.

I managed to find out who owned this lovely vintage caravan, and it is Laura from Laura Bartlett Photograpy. She has only recently purchased it, and is in the process of painting and decorating it, and making some new stripy cushions for the bench seats. The outside will eventually be painted and a vintage retro bicycle decal will finish off the van's new retro look!

Laura is then intending to tour the coastline and spend time wild swimming. It will be her haven for a few months. How fab! 

We love the red polka dot retro accesories Laura has put inside the van, along with vintage red enamelware - our fav! Just love the photo of the Morris Minor with this great little van too!  

Why not pop into yay retro! now for lots of gorgeous camper and caravan vintage accessories :O)
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