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10 things you might not know about yay retro!

Below is a view of the top shelves of the yay retro! shop this morning...lovely even though I say so myself!  

Here are 10 things you might not know about yay retro!

1. Hello my name is Sue....I run yay retro! all on my ownio 

2. I can ship worldwide, email for a postal quote

3. I am very picky - only the loveliest things go into the yay retro! vintage shop

4. I am one of those careful types - I pack extra safely

5. I can combine post on most yay retro! stock items (via a refund after purchase or email ahead) - shipping every day except Sunday.

6. I don't like using phones, email me any time

7. I reply very quickly...I am online nearly all of the time (except when asleep!)

8. I am a social media freak, follow yay retro! on Twitter and Pinterest as well as Facebook, I also write on my blog (which is where you are now) nearly every day

9. I used to be a full time artist - huge abstract paintings were my 'thnag'

10. I adore toy rabbits, porridge and sunshine (not necessarily in that order)

You can find out more about yay retro! here.

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