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Large Vintage Serving Dish and Retro Fruit Salad Recipe

This is one of the lovely treasures we tracked down in Hampshire over the Summer...We've been saving the photo of it until the Autumn arrived, so here we are!

A pretty china fruit bowl or serving dish decorated with yellowy orange and red apples :O)

Perfect as a fruit bowl, or how about popping in a boozy fruit salad?

Large vintage china bowl with apple decorations from yay retro! online retro china shop

Here's a Retro recipe from our 1970s cookbook for Peaches in Wine:

8 large ripe peaches

caster sugar

lemon juice

red, rose, chilled sweet white wine or champagne

Peel the peaches carefully , slice and place in the serving bowl.

Sprinkle the peaches with sugar and a little lemon juice.

Just before serving pour enough wine into the bowl to just cover the fruit.

Serve immediately :O)

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