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Fab Quorn Thai Green Curry Recipe!

Followers of my blog will know that normally I write about homemade and war time inspired retro recipes which are often low calorie too. I am going off track a bit today as via my lovely friend Lorraine, I have found and adapted the most amazingly easy and quick to cook Thai Green Curry which I felt I must share with all you vintage lovers!

This is made with Quorn a very healthy protein which is low fat, meat-free and is full of fibre. It has taken us a short while to get 'into' Quorn but now that have, we eat lots of it, hardly being able to tell the difference between Quorn and meat! For anyone who is unsure what Quorn is, it's a protein made by a fermentation process (like the making of yeast). You can easily swop the Quorn for chicken breast in this recipe (though it will be higher in calories).

Quorn Thai Green Curry Recipe Serves 4 people:

100-200gm Green Beans - trim and cut into thirds
Frylight Olive Oil or Sunflower Oil Spray
1 Garlic Clove Chopped
1 onion finely chopped
1 rounded tablespoon of Thai Green Curry Paste 
400ml Reduced Fat Coconut Milk
1/2 teaspoon Truvia Sweetener
330 gram Quorn 'Chicken' Pieces
Shredded zest of 1 lime
60gm of Jasmine Rice or 1/2 pack of Tilda Coconut Microwaveable rice per person to serve 

1. Microwave the beans for about 2 minutes then put to one side
2. Spray a frying pan or wok with the Frylight and cook the garlic & onion until golden, stir in the curry paste warming it through for a few seconds
3. Pour in the Coconut Milk and 'just' bring to the boil 
4. Pop the rice on to cook (Jasmine Rice takes 10 minutes), however Tilda Microwaveable Rice takes 2 mins.
5. Add the fish sauce and the Truvia to the pan, then the Quorn pieces, turn down the heat and simmer for about 8 minutes or until the Quorn is cooked.
6. Tip the beans into the pan, along with the shredded zest of lime, allow to warm through (takes mere seconds)
7. Serve on vintage plate with the rice for pure indulgence!

Recipe equals 6 Weight Watchers Pro Points for the Curry plus 5 Pro Points for Jasmine Rice or 6 Pro Points for Tilda Coconut Rice. (Adapted from a BBC GoodFood recipe)

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