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J&G Meakin Studio Shape Jug Collection

Now I am definitely one to say you can never have enough china fact I recently wrote a blog about the common condition amongst vintage devotees 'jugaholism'! So it was lovely yesterday to chat to Sue H via the yay retro! Facebook page about her massive collection of J&G Meakin milk and cream jugs.

Sue is aiming to get a jug for each of the designs J&G Meakin produced in the 1960s/70s Studio Shape range. With over 100 patterns, we hope she doesn't run out of wall space for her very impressive collection. Below are two snaps popped together to show how many she has, right now it covers one wall of her kitchen, and then goes around  two corners to continue! 

yay retro! have some J&G Meakin jugs in stock, these are some of the more regularly seen patterns such as Capri, Eden and Allegro, and so we can't help Sue complete her collection right now...though who knows what we may find next week? It's always worth keeping a regular eye on what's for sale in our online vintage shop.

If you want to look at the J&G Meakin we have for sale at the moment, click any of the photos - you might like to start your collection today?!  If so we can combine postage, (and you can buy the jugs without the fabric flowers if you email before placing your order).

If you would like to read about J&G Meakin in the yay retro! Retropedia click here, this includes a potted history of the company, lots of photos, our current stock levels, and a handy guide to all of the Studio shape patterns they produced.

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