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Vintage Vase Selection at yay retro!

If you are looking for a vintage vase, yay retro! have a great range in stock. These include a Sylvac Hyacinth vase in white (above). As you can see it is a great way to show off a posy of flowers, or you could plant with little bulbs for a springtime pick me up :O) The great thing is that the original Sylvac label is in place on the bottom of this piece.

Our simple 1950s stripe vase comes with a bunch of handmade fabric flowers. We love the pretty  yellow, alongide the black & white of the vase, what do you think? If you want something bolder, then how about this 50s West German Fat Lava 'falling leaves' vase?  The textured surface and brightly coloured leaves, make for a statement piece for your vintage home.

If kitsch is your thing, then we just know you will like this red plastci 50s vase!  Styled in the way of pressed glass of the time, this is fan shaped and so makes for easy flower arranging.

We also have a range of vintage glass vases, including this orange stunner designed by Bo Borgstrom for sea glasbruk.

For more flower arranging and vintage vases search 'vase' in the yay retro! shop here

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