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yay retro! chats to Amanda Wood Designs

Whilst wandering about in Facebook-land I often come across some very talented artists and makers - Amanda Wood is just such a person. She creates lovely textured artworks featuring cups, saucers, birds and flowers - that's four of our favourite things! Amanda trained at the London College of Fashion and studied Theatre Costume. She tells us that it was an amazing place to be, and that she specialised in surface decoration & embroidery.

The work she creates is very eye catching, bright and tactile; Amanda says the pieces always begin life as a sketch, which she then breaks apart, cutting out each section of the drawing in fabrics and papers. She then stitches it all onto a background of watercolour paper using a freehand embroidery technique which is like drawing with the sewing machine... (easy to say, and very hard to do if you have ever tried!)

Having previously worked for a company making handmade greetings cards, Amanda Woods Designs was set up in 2013. She says she hasn't looked back, and that sales from her Facebook page and Etsy shop have been way beyond what she expected. Amanda's range of cards, cushions, original artworks and prints are all inspired by nature, interior design & colour. making then very appealing.

She tells us that of course she uses vintage items at home - a 1960s desk has just been purchased for her workroom which she loves, and she also uses vintage & antique fabrics in her work. Her favourite fabric being a Sanderson print. Having browsed through the yay retro! vintage shop Amanda says her favourite item is the John Clappison vase, saying: 'This is so retro, it would look fab in my lounge, which is decorated in green & black...'

nip into yay retro! now if you like, by clicking here :OD

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