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Know your Trudiana from your Seagull Poole Pottery 

If you've been following our blog, facebook or twitter pages you'll know that here at yay retro! we have a bit of a thing going on with Poole Pottery!

Below we have 2 of the coffee pots we currently have in stock. The one on the left is a Magnolia colour with a sepia lid, and floral design known as Trudiana. This pattern was created by Ruth Pavely in the 60s following an earlier Truda Carter design which was orginally drawn up for a dessert set. We have a Coffee Jug, Hot Water jug and sugar bowl in this design currently in stock. 

On the right we have a lovely Seagull (C90) Coffee Pot with a Sunshine yellow lid. The Seagull glaze is a mottled pastel grey. This colourway is not very often seen at all and the pot is in superb condition. These pots  can stand in as wonderful teapots as they pour so well. Why not treat yourself today?

yay retro sell vintage Poole Pottery online, including trudiana and lime yellow coffee pots

If you're looking to replace part of your Poole collection or wanting to start your collection off, then yay retro! is a nice place to start. We have Red Indian Twintone Streamline cups and saucers, jugs and bowls. Magnolia plates, Sky blue and Ice green Contour or Streamline cups, saucers, plates, tea, coffee, hot water pots and more :O)

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