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Vintage shot glass holders are great gift and display ideas...

We love the range of vintage shot glasses in stock at yay retro! at the moment. Retro glasssware is just the thing to have on display in your lounge, kitchen or dining room to set the scene in your vintage home. You simply cannot buy modern versions of these wonderful 1950s sets of barware, making them unique and definitely the real deal.

The cute teeny plastic ball feet on the gold holders are from the Atomic period of mid century design, and are a great way to carry your drinks as well as to display them. Pop them on your sideboard or shelf to great effect!

Another great favourite at the time were miniature wicker trays. This one has bright red plastic wrapped handles - so dinky! We have filled it with 50s shot glasses featuring doggies :O)  From a Poodle to a Yorkie this is a sure fire way to a dog lovers heart.

If you are looking for something kitsch for your vintage bar, then how about this 50s goldwire wheelbarrow shot glass holder? This is just the sort of thing my Gran would have had on display in her hallway, along with a maidenhair fern or two!  Click here to see our current stock of vintage glassware. We have decanters, Atomic sherry glasses, abstract glassware made in France and much, much more.

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