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Looking for 1960s/70s Enamel Cookware?

yay retro! have a super duper range of enamelled cookware in stock at the moment. Check out our online vintage shop for some delicious saucepans and casseroles, all in bright colours and decorated with funky patterns and colourful flowers.

We have 3 pans covered in orange and blue flowers, we have them up for sale singly, however if you do wish to buy all three,  we can of course combine the postage for you :O)

Also a range of pans and casseroles in other patterns including a set of three in teal blue, and an abundance of orange flowers!

Search for 'enamel' in the yay retro! shop now by clicking here ... Keep an eye out for our flowery kettle, red enamel teapots and 70s coffee pots too.

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