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yay retro! talk to Little Burrow Designs about Art, Antiques and Assemblage

Recently, I came across some beautiful ornamental assemblage artworks, which have been created by Claire Read of Little Burrow Designs. Claire is based in near Ottery St Mary & Sidmouth in Devon, and describes her pieces as Multi Media artworks.   She says: "I repurpose antique and vintage items into sculptural vignettes. They all tell their own little story."

We simply adore the pieces with small birds in them which can be anything from a brooch to a teeny model bird complete with feathers. Most of Claire's work fits into an antique and collectable tin, then words, embroidery and other items are added to complete the poetic assemblage.

Claire completed a BA (Hons) in Architecture, beginning at the Edinburgh College of Art, and completing it at the Plymouth School of Architecture. However, she always felt that a career in the arts would suit her better. She has a very active following on The Little Burrow Designs Facebook page, and always offers her work for sale there first. She tells us that she: "really rather enjoys the connection you get on Facebook with people who enjoy your work, especially as it can be quite lonely working on your own, so it is always nice to have people to chat to".  Her work will also shortly be onboard The Rusty Alexander, which is a funky converted old bus, that has been transformed into a travelling art gallery. 

We asked Claire how she sourced the individual pieces for her work, and she tells us she shops somewhere almost every day, and that includes online.  She is also lucky enough to have a great relationship with local antiques dealers, especially the wonderful Fountain Antiques in Honiton, and have shopped with them so prolifically since she started making her artwork, that they now put items aside for her, or let her know when they have something in that they think she might like.  She has a real love of the period from 1900-1930, anything art nouveau she generally gets very excited about.  But it could be anything from a really damaged beautiful piece of embroidered silk, that anyone else would throw away, that she can see how to make it beautiful again. Or perhaps a cold painted metal animal with one leg missing, who can be loved again. She loves the stories in antique items, and damage is often part of their story. She says: "I see them as beautiful."  

Her inspiration purely comes from the items she finds: "Sometimes it is immediate, and sometimes that item will be put away for a year until I find something else magical that completes its story. There are days I buy an item, and am so inspired by it that I have the completed piece done by the next day. When I see an item, I often know what it wants to become at first glance. Some take a little longer, but for most, the seed is planted as soon as I pick them up."

Claire says her favourite item in the yay retro! shop is the Petite typewriter as she collects typewriters. Currently she has 12, and her 
favourite is a Hermes Baby that she is currently using for all her work :O) 

You can contact Claire via Facebook :O)  or pop into yay retro! for a browse now xx

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