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Aster Tin Toy Cash Register 1950s

This is an unusual item for yay retro! to have's an adorable tin toy cash register or till made by Aster, and from the 1950s. It's in gorgeous and working condition, and we think it would make a great ornament as well as toy!

Collectible and fun, why not take a look in the yay retro! shop at this now?

Back in the 80s I had a part time job in Tesco, when they still had cash registers and you had to punch in all the prices. I really did love my job back then, as there was plenty of time to talk to the customers and also pack their items for them (plus I loved pressing all the buttons - little things eh?!).  One night they installed the beeping barcode scanning machines which we are all familiar with now, and everything changed :0(  

I say we bring back old fashioned tills!
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