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1940s, 50s, 60s & 70s Dinner & Tea Plates from yay retro!

Are you on the hunt for 1950s, 60s  & 70s dinner and tea plates?  Kitchens are so much more fun with retro tableware, and yay retro! have lots of great designs of vintage plates in stock. Choose from fine bone china polka dots....

Or classic Woods beryl ware from the 1940s...We use vintage plates in our kitchen every day, and people always comment on how lovely they are, and that the dining table looks fab. 

Don't forget you can also put plates to work, by keeping them on display. Pop them on a dresser or even a simple shelf for an instant vintage look.

No room? Don't worry you can always line them up along a work top, simply lean against your wall tiles and hold in place with a teeny bit of blue or white tack.

Right now yay retro! have dinner and tea plates is stock from Winterling, Pontesa, Poole Pottery, Woods Beryl & Jasmine, Kathie Winkle (Broadhurst), Hostessware, Washington Pottery and many more :O)  Click here to search for plates in our online vintage shop now. 

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