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Real Retro Teapots for sale

I don't know about you, but if I'm going to use a teapot, it has to be a retro one. None of these faux retro pots you can get here, there and everywhere nowadays. The real thing has style, panache and is normally of a much higher quality than it's new counterparts.

Take the gorgeous fine bone china pot (above) from Thomas Rosenthal Germany. This 60s/70s design is so lovely, and Mary Quant-esque. The pot doesn't look used as it was kept in the lady's sideboard since her wedding day in the 70s and brought out only once or twice!

Many people collect vintage teapots, and J&G Meakin is one of the most popular makes to collect. Their Studio range shape (above) came with a huge amount of different designs, making them ideal for collectors. You can find out lots more about J&G Meakin patterns and designs in our Retropedia here.

Search teapot at yay retro! now :O) prices from £10

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