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The 10 signs of 'Jugaholism'

Do you suffer from 'Jugaholism'? This enjoyable affliction can affect people at any time, and begin suddenly. So it's a good idea to look out for the key symptoms:

1. You can look at a jug for ages, just admiring the spout
2. You have jugs in most rooms of your home
3. You can think of a myriad of uses for jugs

4. When you open your fridge....there is a jug in it
5. You have a shelf just for jugs
6. You have particular jugs for particular foods - gravy, custard, milk, cream, sauces....these jugs should cannot be used for anything other than it's pre-determined (by you) food

7.  You can accurately pinpoint the decade a jug comes from
8. You can spot a jug from 100 metres
9. You can tell the difference between a contemporary or vintage jug
10. You have to buy a jug when it 'calls to you'

To help with your 'jugaholism', search 'jug' at yay retro! We are here to help :O) xxxx

Do you have 'jugaholism'? I must admit I do :O)

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