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The Perfect Vintage Tea with Poole Pottery & yay retro!

How to make the perfect vintage tea time spread with the help of yay retro! in 4 easy steps!

1. Take a large Poole Pottery Summer Days Teapot  add 4 tea bags and  boiling water, leave to brew.

2. Pour a little cold milk into an Ice Green & Seagull Poole Twintone cup and saucer - the perfect shaped cup to drink tea from

3. Serve with scones and homemade jam served in an Ice Green and Seagull Poole Pottery preserve pot

4. Catch your crumbs using the tea plate which comes with our lovely cup and saucer trio :O)

Rare Poole Pottery Summer Days tea pot, ice green cups and preserve pots from yay retro! online vintage china collector and replacement

Order from the yay retro! range of Poole Pottery now :O)

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