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yay retro! for Jersey & Jersey Pottery

We have just got back from a truly marvellous trip to Jersey. We've never been before, and chose it for a relaxing break away from it all. We walked around 10 miles every day exploring this fabulous island, which seems to have a stunning view whichever way you turn!

Before we went we got in touch with Jersey Pottery to see if we could pay a visit, however the pottery is not open to the public, instead they have a shop in St Helier, where you can buy CD's of the history of the brand and of course all of the newly designed pottery - we rather like the contemporary 'sardine run' design.  We also bought a jug for our neighbour with a gaggle of geese on it :O)

Whilst in Jersey we saw very little vintage Jersey Pottery, which was quite surprising. In the yay retro! shop we love to have Jersey Pottery in stock, and at the moment we have one of their fabulous bird dishes for sale. This is Scandinavian in style and is perfect as an ornament, a spoon rest or a trinket holder etc...

If you are interested in vintage Jersey Pottery, and want to see some pictures of the different patterns and designs Jersey pottery made in the 60s and 70s, you can have a peek at our Retropedia here. We will add more info and photos as we get them.  You can find links to other vintage brands in our Retropedia, by scrolling down to the footer of our website.

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