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Vintage 60s/70s Melamine = Style

Back in the 60s when plastics were first becoming popular for the home, it was modern and trendy to have melamine cups and saucers. Virtually unbreakable, melamine was the new wonder material, and companies such as Gaydon Melmex and Melaware began producing all kinds of tableware, including butter dishes, bowls, plates, salt and pepper pots and more.

Today, we tend to think of these items for use in vintage camper vans, caravans or whilst glamping. However potteries such as Midwinter were so afraid that melamine would take over in our homes, they began to produce melamine tea sets themselves in order to compete!

When you consider people were used to having china, pressed glass, wood and metal kitchen and tableware, items such as this chunky melamine / plastic Crayonne Ice Bucket designed for Habitat by Sir Terence Conran, seemed almost space age!

The 60s and 70s were a time for minimal design, bold colours and making a statement, and young couples everywhere embraced the vitality of these fantastic products. Happily melamine's resilience to every day use means that we can have fab items like this in the yay retro! shop for sale 50 years later :O)

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