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Kathie Winkle Mardi Gras Tea Set

Between 1958 and 1978, Kathie Winkle was a key designer for Broadhurst. Her patterns on cups, saucers and plates became very sought after, and are now collected by many vintage enthusiasts today.

It is quite hard to find crockery from Broadhurst which has survived in good condition. There are also some patterns which are not often found.  This gorgeous set of cups and saucers are in the rarer Mardi Gras design, and is in wonderful condition, so we are very pleased to have this set in the yay retro! shop to buy right now :O)

Take a look at Kathie Winkle's Mardi Gras set in the yay retro! shop here

You can find out more about Kathie Winkle and her designs in our Retropedia here.

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