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Gorgeous Lambretta Innocenti Scooter c.1963

Came across this gorgeous Lambretta scooter from 1963 yesterday, which just happens to belong to one of our friends (and we didn't even realise!) This stunner was made by Innocenti, and comes complete with an ad for Old No. 1 cigarettes, emblazoned on the side: "The Number Ones, the independents...Old spirits, able to travel anywhere & everywhere". We adore the bright green paintwork and the shabby chic look :O)

Lambretta scooters were originally manufactured in Milan, Italy by Innocenti. However, by the 70s the company had been sold to the Indian government, and brought into the Scooters India Limited (SIL) business. Nowadays, the classic Innocenti brand is owned by Fiat. 

If you like this, here's something you're sure to love from the yay retro shop - a totally 60s Dog Tooth Check Decanter Set (still in it's box!):

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