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Things that made yay retro! go OOOO!

Over on our Facebook page, yay retro! is celebrating over 3300 likers, and sending a ***HUGE*** Retro Wave to all of the new followers my page has, and one to those people who have followed yay retro! since day one...Lots of you have become virtual friends :o) Everyone has given me so much support and many, many kind, happy comments over the 2 years I have been running the page.

This made me have a think about all the lovely vintage items I have found, and subsequently re-homed. Here are 6 items which most definitely stick in my mind and which made me not only say "yay! retro!" when I bought them, but also made me go 'ooooo!'

All of these lovelies are sold, and many of them were found just one time. As with all vintage items, it's a case of finding what you can, when you can. So if you really love something always pick it up and buy it, as you may not see one again for a very long time, or not in the same condition, or even not at all!

If you fancy a nice vintage browse in the yay retro! online shop click just here :O)

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