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Summer Days Poole Pottery Teapot for sale

yay retro! are excited to have this mint condition large hand-painted and signed Summer Days teapot from Poole Pottery for sale. This design is one of the rarer, collectible Patterns from Poole, and we have never seen another like it. This would be the perfect centrepiece to a beautiful and useable Poole Pottery collection.

The teapot is off white with an ice green lid, and is decorated with flowers. Poole's Summer Days range dates from 1957. It was created by Ruth Pavely for Poole's Streamline range of china. This teapot is signed by the paintress with the Poole Dolphin dated 1959-1967.

Summer Days tea pot from Poole Pottery for sale at yay retro! online vintage china shop for collectors or replacement china

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