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10 reasons to wear a vintage apron

yay retro! have the most gorgeous range of handmade vintage aprons in stock at the moment...
Here are 10 reasons to wear an apron...

1. You want to look stylish and as if you 'mean business' when cooking 
2. You run a cafe or restaurant and want to look professional, yet quirky
3. You've just bought a fab new outfit, and then realised you have to quickly clean the shower/sink/floor...
4. You want the cat to sit on your lap but....
5. You want to hang out your washing...pop the pegs in your apron pocket - ta-da!
6. You want to look cool at a Vintage Fair
7. You want to nip out in the garden and dig up some carrots and salad
8. You are a florist and want to look smart when setting up floral displays at a wedding or event
9. The dogs nails need clipping (yuergh!)
10. You'll let your child / grandchild borrow it as a fab sized bib at the dinner table!

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