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Where to buy gorgeous Vintage Fish - yay retro!

It's a fact that lots of people just adore fish, personally the real versions scare me but I do love vintage designs with fish on them. There is something about their sleek lines that are very relaxing to look at. Back in the 1950/60s having all things fishy was the fashion; we had fishy curtains in the bathroom and even fishy wallpaper!

One of the most popular items in the yay retro! shop are the Aquarius fish plates we occasionally get in stock, happily we have some in right now. Made by Washington Pottery, these very arty plates are the ideal display pieces as well as being great for every day meals.

If you were 'posh' you had a well stocked bar in your lounge, and the 1950s fish glasses we have in the shop at the moment would have taken pride of place...

If you or someone you know loves fish, you are sure to love the mosaic fish we sell which are created from vintage china. The lovely example below has been made with Empire Shetland Check china and Poole Pottery and is great as an ornament or wall display piece. We have more of these coming into stock soon - do keep an eye!

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