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yay retro! and our new 'Retropedia'

yay retro! have begun to launch some new pages on our website which give a bit of background history to some of the vintage brands we all love to collect. Combining information gleaned from many of the key books available and lots of websites, we have tried to pop in as much useful, yet concise information together in one place that we can.  

We have named this section of our website 'Retropedia' and you can find it at the base of our website in the footer:
As you will see, so far we have covered Poole Pottery, Pyrex, Woods Ware (Beryl, Jasmine, Iris), Kathie Winkle's Broadhurst and J&G Meakin Studio Pottery. These pages represent what we currently know, and as and when we find out more we will update them. If you know anything and want us to add it just email

On these pages you can find out a bit of history about the manufacturers of vintage table and home wares, some of the most popular shapes and pattern names to be found by each maker, and lots of yay retro! photos which you can pin or simply admire. We have had some fantastic feedback already from people who, after reading these pages have found out the name of a pattern or glaze on items they own :O)

At the top of the page is the number of pieces from that maker in stock, and the photos down the side are of items you can buy right now at yay retro!  If we have a lot of stock, these change as you refresh the page. Here's a snippet from the J&G Meakin page of some Galaxy and Allegro tea sets we have for sale right now:

Why not pay a visit to one or all of  yay retro!'s  Retropedia pages now? :

Kathie Winkle's Broadhurst
J&G Meakin Studio
Poole Pottery
Woods Ware (Beryl, Iris, Jasmine)

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