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Why it's worth popping in to yay retro! knits & linens section

If you ever needed a reason to pop in to yay retro!s knits & linens section, there are at least 3 to do so to right now....our current stock includes some wonderful vintage aprons like this 1950s red gingham number, complete with an extremely kitsch front pocket...

Our range of vintage tea towels, with the one above from 1972 showing 2 children toasting marshmallows, we also have Moygashel linen tea towels in stock. 

Plus, don't forget the stunning handmade vintage fabric bags we now sell...made by Hilary Causer, these are 'stop in your tracks' gorgeous! Why not nip in to the knits & linens section of  yay retro! for a look now? 
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