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Why do yay retro! sell mosaic artworks made from vintage china?

One of the very, very popular ranges in the yay retro! shop are the mosaic artworks made by Fiona Gurney of Box of Frogs. People buy one or two and then come back time and again for more. We thought you might like to know why yay retro! sell these...

It all began when we came across Fiona's work ourselves, and realising that every bird was created from original vintage china from the 1930s to the 70s, we bought an orange bird, made from Kathie Winkle china...When we received it, we were taken aback by it's detail and thoughtful placement of pieces...Each of these are unique and high quality artworks and so our collection began.

Soon we had several birds (see our collection below). The J&G Meakin Topic ones are so cute with their leafy & flowery wings! The marvellous thing is they are very adaptable pieces of art which can be propped on a shelf or hung on a wall. We regularly change the position of ours to suit our mood! Whether you have one, or several the possibilities are endless.

Eventually we approached Fiona to ask if she would like to sell her artworks on the yay retro! website. We both thought it was a lovely idea as many of the cups, saucers, teapots, jugs and plates that yay retro! sell are the same patterns and manufacturers as those found in her mosaics.

Later, I asked Fiona if she could make us some mosaic fish, and the results made from Poole Pottery, J&G Meakin and Empire Pottery are some of the first she made. These have formed a fabulous shoal on our office wall, and again we can stand them on a shelf if we prefer.

Nowadays Fiona and I are in constant contact with orders coming in most days, it really is the happiest of vintage outcomes! :O)  Why not take a look at the range of vintage mosaic artworks yay retro! have in our online shop now, simply click the photo or right here! There are now new large wall plaque designs - Fiona's newest creations, to buy too!
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