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Red Vintage Kitchen & Tableware you will love!

Red - do you love it or hate it?  It's a popular colour choice for many and can look really striking in your kitchen and home. Red is also a very positive, passionate and warm colour, which can add a brightness to your life all year round.  

Strangely red is a colour you don't find a lot of when it comes to vintage china. In the 50s you had Midwinter's Domino and some of the Alfred Meakin ware was red. But vivid reds are relatively thin on the ground overall, (in comparison to say blue.) 

Currently in the yay retro! shop, we have a Pontesa jug and sugar bowl, with a Scandi style red heart and leafy shapes. This is a rare pattern for them and totally gorgeous.  We think this looks totally fab with our red enamel tea pot. What do you think?  

Vintage 70s enamelware, is something you do often see in red and right now we have some lovely red enamel cookware in, which is well worth taking a look at.  Remember if you want to buy several items, we do try and pack them together, and then refund any postage not required :O)

Rare Pontesa Jug and Sugar Bowl £20

Vintage red enamel teapot £12.50
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