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Arcopal Cups & Saucers....What does Scania mean?

Arcopal was a French glasswares company set up in 1958.  Sadly the business no longer manufactures anything, however they were the company behind collectible vintage kitchen and tablewares which included brands  such as Mikasa, Luminarc & Cristal d'Arques. Arcopal France tableware is apparently five times stronger than china. Being durable and also break and chip resistant, this glassware is still sought after today, especially the bright flowery designs such as Scania.

Scania seems such an odd name for a flowery pattern, especially as in most people's minds Scania is a huge lorry or truck! One of yay retro!'s Swedish followers has kindly let us know that Scania is the latin and ancient name for Skåne, which is a region in Southern Sweden.  Perhaps the designer of this very pretty ditsy daisy pattern had visited there and the designs sprung from their experiences?

As for the trucks, the lorry company uses a shield with a dragon (?) head as it's trademark, which is actually the municipality shield of Skåne region. So there you need never be confused mix up the two again!

Pop into yay retro! now to buy some lovely Scania cups and saucers :O)

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