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Vintage Dishes and a review of Tesco Value Fruit & Fibre!

Sometimes you can be bumbling along eating the same old thing out of the same old dish and then you try something new and get unexpected results! This happened to me recently... I am a self-confessed porridge addict, being on a diet I decided to try some fruit and fibre cereal.  I wanted the one with the fewest calories, and after comparing all the different makes and brands found that Tesco's Everyday Value Fruit and Fibre had the lowest with just 115 calories in a 30gm serving.  

This cereal comes in an understated box, and my first impressions were that it wouldn't have much fruit in and might taste a bit boring. How wrong I was - it's amazingly delicious stuff! Full of dried banana, raisins, coconut and apple it tastes sweet and is really easy to eat. In fact it's a treat to eat! Plus a 750gm box is just £1.49.

This leaves you with plenty of pennies to revamp your kitchen and invest in some lovely vintage dishes or bowls! Choose from vintage Pyrex, Pontesa Sevilla, 70s glass dishes (just right for a small serving) or Gaydon melamine from the yay retro! shop today :O)

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