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Top 3 items at yay retro! during February 14

Our nifty website tells us interesting things, like what the top items being viewed* at the moment are. During February 14, the top 3 items that visitors have peeked at the most are nice and varied....The Pyrex starter kit with it's pretty coloured serving dishes, custard cups and fridge saver are at number 1.

Next is the Taunton Vale flowery spice rack, which is simply itching to be hung on your kitchen wall, or to be stood on your worktop. It comes with 6 simple glass jars with nice tight tops, and is in wonderful condition.

At number 3 is the very cute red enamel teapot which we love, and is guaranteed to brighten your home!

We think they look pretty amazing all together, and if you to buy this little lot it would set you back just £48.50 - wow! As is the case with all vintage items, once they are gone they are gone, so if you would like to own something lovely from yay retro! why not pop into the shop by clicking the photo, or click the links below to see these particular items :O)

Pyrex Starter Kit is just £12

Taunton Vale 70s Spice Rack is a wonderful £24

Red Enamel Teapot is a lovely £12.50

 (*which are still available for sale) 
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