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Citrine, the colour to buy this season for your vintage home!

Every home magazine is saying it, this year the colour citrine is a must-have in your home...Citrine is a light greeny- yellow, and paired with white or pastel grey it is simply divine. The colour combo came to the fore in the 1950s and so it's not at all unusual to see pottery and china in these colours from this era. 

Take the wonderful C103 glaze Lime Yellow and Seagull from Poole Pottery...designed in the 50s, this could pass as a contemporary tea or coffee set in 2014, as it is such a design classic!

We have to admit that we have just decorated most of our home in this colourway, it is so easy to live with - fresh, clean and invigorating whilst being very relaxing too :O) Click the image to shop for this beautiful pottery from Poole.
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