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J&G Meakin now on sale at yay retro!

One of the most stunning patterns to come from J&G Meakin's Studio range is 'Capri'. This was designed in the late 1960s after J&G Meakin took over the Midwinter brand. There are striking similarities between the shapes in  Meakin's 'Studio' range, and Midwinters 'Fine' range, and both are highly collectible today. 

At yay retro! we like to source the very best quality retro tableware and ceramics, and so we are very pleased to have this Capri teapot, tea set, tea plates, jugs and sugar bowl in stock, as all are in top notch condition and look barely used (if at all)!


Click on any of the photos to view our current stocks of J&G Meakin Studio ware, and start or complete your collection today :O)

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