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Vintage Enamel Pans for sale at yay retro!

If there is one thing we love to get in for the yay retro! shop it is vintage enamel pans, but they have to fab funky ones with flowers so that they are brilliantly cheery! At the moment we have loads of wonderful pieces of vintage enamelware in our online shop. The one above has a rich blue lid, a white base and orange, yellow and blue 60/70s flowers.

Then yesterday we found this bright red one, which is wonderfully large, and so is ideal for jam making as well as family stews and casseroles. This is decorated with Scandi style hearts and flowers. Both of these are worthy of keeping on display in your kitchen when not in use!

if you would like to see what enamelware yay retro! have in stock at the moment, click here

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