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10 reasons why you do actually need a Vintage Apron!

How do you like our gorgeous vintage aprons for sale in the knits the linens section of yay retro! ?  Amazing aren't they? 10 reasons you need a vintage apron in your life:

1. showing just how sexy and sassy a vintage cook you are
2. keeping your clothes clean in the kitchen or while cleaning
3. wiping your hands when in the middle of cooking
4. looking cute at vintage do's
5. they look attractive when hung up in your retro kitchen
6. use for craft projects (oops you'll need to cut them up!)
7. ideal gift for Mums and Grannies
8. great for dressing up - adults and children alike! 
9. great for kids to wear during craft projects
10. fab wedding or engagement gift to encourage reluctant cooks (men and women)

pop into our knits & linens department now :o)
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