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Goldendawn and Jasmine ware do they go together?

During the war years, and the following years of austerity which ended in the 1950s, British manufacturers had to adhere to a set of strict guidelines about what they could and could not make for UK consumption. This covered clothes, furniture and china. China had to be plain and utilitarian, and so we see the likes of Woods Beryl, Iris and Jasmine ware (plain green, blue and yellow china). Many people now collect this as it is still very affordable, plus due to it's sturdiness is absolutely ideal for everyday use.

Johnson Bros had their own set of utility ware which was called Goldendawn, Rosedawn etc... We have some yellow Goldendawn in stock at the moment (our favourite of the Dawn colour range).  We think it looks really good alongside Woods Jasmineware.  What do you think?

You can serach for Woods or Goldendawn in the yay retro! shop to see what we have in stock at the moment :O)
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