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Vintage fishes for sale at yay retro!

yay retro! have a gorgeous range of vintage fish in our online shop at the moment. We love this vivid blue glass fish and have wanted to find one for the shop for a long time. This one is particularly beautiful when the light shines through it.

Perhaps you are  looking for a birthday gift for a person whose star sign is Pisces? Pisceans have a birth date between February 19 - March 20, and are apparently selfless and rather spiritual people, with great intuition. A fishy vintage gift might be just the thing?

We have a few Washington Aquarius fish plates in our personal collection, and always find men in particular admire the bright colours and designs. I think there is a secret fisherman hiding inside most men! At the moment we have a Grindley oval plate in stock which has the Aquarius goldfish design used on the Washington plates. It is a little bit of a mystery as to how this design ended up on a different makers plate. Perhaps some one can solve this conundrum?


One of the most special fish pieces we have in the yay retro! shop is this vintage ARABIA Finland ceramic glazed fish serving platter. It s very flat and can be used as a chopping board or wall plaque. These are highly collectible items, which were designed by Kaarina Aho in the 1950/60s. This is perfect for a collector of mid century Scandinavian homeware.

Of course, we always have a range of unique fish mosaic artworks in stock at yay retro! too. Created by artist Fiona Gurney these are one off pieces created from vintage & retro china. They look wonderful on the wall or on a shelf as they can stand up by themselves easily. They also look amazing in a group, we have created our own shoal in our office! 

If you love all things Piscean and everything vintage, then why not pop into yay retro! and search 'fish'? We have a lovely range of vintage fish in stock from ornaments to plates, wall plaques and mosaic artworks. You click any of these photos and you can see what we have in stock :O)  Happy fishing!

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