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J&G Meakin Topic Teapot and more for sale at yay retro!

Right now yay retro! have a lovely teapot in stock in J&G Meakin's 'Topic' pattern, this is causing quite a stir on the website, with many people taking a look every hour!  It's a very pretty,  yet also funky teapot. Designed in 1967 by Alan Rogers, it has large blue flowers and green leaves. 

According to the Pottery Gazette in 1967, J&G Meakin's Studio pottery designs:

"...brought a modern and graphic approach to bear on the basic theme of the English Countryside thus producing a marriage between flora and Carnaby Street."

These patterns did so well because they sat between traditional and modern designs, meaning they captured a wider sector of the market. Alongside the teapot, we have matching jug and sugar bowl and a large serving bowl. If you wish to buy several of these items, we will refund any postage not required and pack them safely together for you.

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