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yay retro! FREE UK & NI Postage and Price Reductions

Free Postage for UK mainland and NI customers at yay retro!

I always like to think up new ideas for yay retro! and this summer... I know that most of my customers love to buy lots of vintage items from me at once, so I've introduced a new policy of offering completely FREE UK mainland & NI postage across my online vintage shop. This makes it much easier to buy several items as you know there will be no nasty postage costs to think about at checkout. 

Lower Prices now across the yay retro! shop!

I have also reduced all of my prices by at least 10% - 50%.  As anyone who is into vintage knows, the items that yay retro! sell are from the 1930s, 40s, 50s, 60s & 70s. Many are very collectable and hard to find and crop up only occasionally. Whether you are seeking a vintage Caddymatic tea dispenser, a Hornsea Cat salt and pepper pot or a Calrtonware money box, there's actually never been a better time to grab that one off vintage item at yay retro!

The joy of being able to purchase a heavy tea set or a large vintage roll top 1960s bread online without postage costs cannot be underestimated! Go shopping at yay retro! NOW.

Degustabox June 2018 Voucher Code & Product Reviews - yay retro!

I've had a busy week at the yay retro! online vintage shop this week with moving offices again and also making everything on my website postage free!  This meant that I forgot to tell you all about the June Degustabox of foodie treats when it arrived on Thursday.

Try Degustabox with yay retro! - Use Code: WBWEO and get money off your first box!

Degustabox is a monthly subscription where you get a range of different food and drinks delivered to your door to try out. It's £12.99 a month (the foods included are always worth more than this), and there are new products and firm favourites included. Newcomers to Degustabox get their first box for just £7.99 with the code above.

June’s Degustabox Reviews by yay retro! 

I will be reviewing each item in depth below, after trying them over the coming month. My reviews are honest and true. So you'll read the good with the bad. This month's theme is 'BBQ Selection' and it includes lots of different food products to try from sweets and treats to cook sauces. See below for what's in the box and my reviews as I write them.

1. Capsicana Cook Sauces - two boxes of these well presented cook sauces are included in the box. I received Cuban Cilli & Lime and Brazalian Chilli & Coconut.  I really like hot spicy foods sauces which I use with Quorn and these look really tasty. I'm looking forward to using these. You also receive a 50p off voucher with Degustabox.

2. Rosie Pig's Raspberry Roller Cider. A raspberry & cucumber flavoured cider. Looks refreshing especially with all this glorious weather we've been having! (note you can opt for an alcohol free box)

3. Frylight Avocado Cooking Spray. I always use Frylight and I'd just run out as the box arrived. Perfect timing Degustabox!

4. no&more Raspberry & Blueberry Spring Water.  Looking good with no added sugar or sweeteners. With it being so very hot today, this box is fantastic with lots of lovely cold drinks to try. This 'funked up' Spring water has just 25 calories in the bottle. It has just the right level of sweetness with a slightly perfumed taste. This is due to the addition of rose extract. Nice summery flavours in this one. 

5. Idahoan Gratin Bake. An easy way to make a cheesy potato bake with this large packet mix.

6. The Jelly Bean Factory, Fairtrade Box. This little box is packed with 36 flavours of jelly beans made with Fairtrade sugar. With flavours ranging from Tangerine to Marshmallow, Sour Lemon to Granny Smith Apple these jelly beans really excite your tastebuds!  The flavours are so strong and exciting that ideally you'd just eat one at a time which would make them last ages....hubby and I ate a few at a time and got some crazy flavour hits!  Normally retailing at £1.25 box I would say these were a bit of a bargain. 

7. Orangina both the regular and light versions. you can't go wrong with this fizzy drink made with real oranges.  I can't tell the difference between the normal and  no added sugar versions of this drink so would also go for the pale blue label.  We had these one sunny evening after work.

8. Peckish BBQ Rice Crackers Multi-pack. This is a pack of 5 bags of rice crisps with a tangy barbecue flavour. They are gluten free and so ideal for those on a gluten free diet. They are also baked not fried. These are nice and crispy, though I would say these could have done with a tad more flavour. They did feel a little bit greasy, so maybe they could do with a little less fat when baking so that more could be included in the pack? There's not many in each 89 calorie bag so we actually ate two packs each at one sitting - oops! 

9. Pack of Brioche Pasquier Pains au Lait. Free from additives and artificial flavours this pack of 8 rolls are ideal for savoury or sweet lunches, tea times or BBQs.  I plan to use these with Linda McCartney Sausages. They are bound to be great as a hot dog. You also receive a recipe card in the Degustabox for different Brioche fillings from Tomato Salsa to Mac'n'Cheese.

10. Great British Biscotti Co pack of 2.  This company based in Dorset make 20 different flavours of biscotti!  In the Degustabox we get to try Chocolate, Cranberries & Pistachio flavour.  I am looking forward to these with a coffee on a lazy Sunday (like today!)

10. Mighty Fine Salted Caramel Honeycomb Bar. I had this whilst working hard on the yay retro! online vintage shop website. OMG!!!!!!!! Tell me where to buy a hundredweight of these now please!  The very best honeycomb bar I've ever tasted.  It's large, it's chunky, it's crunchy, it's big, bold and blooming fantastic! Covered in Belgian chocolate this is a handcrafted bar with salted caramel inside. (I didn't actually realise the salted caramel part until I read the pack, but maybe that was why it was so amazing).  These bars are worth every penny of their £1 price tag.  I will be seeking them out!

11. In the non Alcohol box you will have received Fyre Fruit Drinks x 2. Fruit & Spice all natural sparkling drink in Lemon & Ginger and Blueberry, Blackcurrant, Peppers & Chilli flavour. These low calorie fizzy drinks are completely packed full of flavour. Exceedingly refreshing and with a good level of sweetness, the red berry and chilli one was really good, though when I breathed in I coughed as the chilli or pepper got to me - no similar probs for hubby though! The Lemon & Ginger was a natural yellow in colour and was also delicious with a really good does of both lemon and ginger flavours coming through.

Come back to see my pictures and reviews as I work my way through June's delicious Degustabox, and don't forget you can join in the fun with this voucher code: WBWEO at Degustabox

Go Shopping at yay retro!'s online Vintage Shop now, all FREE POSTAGE (UK mainland & NI), plus price reductions throughout the shop - Celebrate Summer Vintage Style!

Pashley Style Vintage Bike For Sale Totnes, Devon

I am selling my Vintage branded Pashley styled bike. If you are local to Totnes in Devon, you might like to come and buy it. Collection only £85.  I've use it about 6 times. Bell, Pump and Basket included.  email me to enquire

Buy Woods Beryl Wartime Tableware at yay retro!

It seems no matter which vintage styled film or TV programme you watch these days, you'll see Woods Berylware featured. This is no surprise since practically every home and organisation had this tableware from the 1940s onwards.

The china was made during and after the war under the government's restrictions on manufacturers to use less materials during the period whilst rationing was still impacting the country.  The china has an Art Deco feel which can particularly be seen on the cake plate.  Simple embossed stripes encircle the edges of each piece and in the case of Beryl the glaze is a pale green. (Woods also made the same shaped china in different colours - Jasmine in yellow and Iris in blue)

Many schools, village halls, work places, hospitals and other places where people gathered together had these durable and affordable cups, saucers and plates.  This means that for many of us they are part of our childhood memories.  My Gran and Gramp had this and so for me and lots of other grandchildren of the 60s and 70s, it is extra special!  

Now a whole new generation of people are wanting to use this this china in their home, their cafes and restaurants. It is super strong, long lasting and can cope with all aspects of the modern kitchen making it one of my best sellers.  Right now at yay retro! I have tea cups and saucers, the larger, harder to find breakfast cups and saucers, tea plates, side, salad / small dinner and large dinner plates, dishes and bowls, cake plates and jugs!  Search Woods at yay retro! now.

Degustabox May 18 Voucher Code and Box Contents

Woo! It's Degustabox delivery day today, they whizz around so fast when you have a subscription! Hello there, I'm Sue and I run the yay retro! online vintage shop. I also review the monthly food boxes from Degustabox. Degustabox is a monthly subscription where you get a range of different fun foods delivered to your door to try out. It's just £12.99 to join in the fun (the foods included are always worth more than this). It's a great way to break your regular shopping habits and to try new things out, also to get treats delivered to your door!  In this blog article I shall be reviewing this month's box of goodies which have been selected with watching The World Cup in mind.

Try Degustabox with yay retro! - Use Code: WBWEO and get money off your first box!

What's in the May 2018 World Cup Themed Degustabox?  

Here's a quick overview ahead of my more detailed reviews which will be here later as and when I've given everything a try.

1. Latin American Caribbean Creamy Chicken Curry Seasoning Mix - what's the World Cup without a bowl of curry in your hand?  I'm looking forward to trying this with Quorn pieces. I've tried this brand of foods before thanks to Degustabox and it works well with non meat dishes.

2. Latin American Mini Coconut & Black Pepper Soft Tortillas, these are lovely - I've had them before. Very handy for lunchtimes or dinner times and I'll probably use them alongside the curry mix.

As you'll see we did indeed have these two items together. We had a fabulous supper. All I had to do was put the Latin American curry mix on top of a bag of Quorn pieces in a frying pan with a can of coconut milk, fry together for about 15 mins and it was done. I fried up some onions and peppers and served with the wraps a salsa.  Easy peasy and completely delicious.  (I could have used single cream instead of the coconut milk.)  The curry mix is mild and would be ok for people not into hot curries too.

3. 2 Bottles of The Good Cider of San Sebastian Craft Cider in Strawberry and Dry Apple Flavours (you can ask not to receive alcohol drinks in your box). Got to be good on a hot sunny day!  I gave these to my sn and daughter-in-law to enjoy in their garden.

4. We Made Lemonade one of two flavours, I got Strawberry & Lemon ideal for lunch breaks in the office, and here I am drinking it whilst uploading fresh vintage items to the yay retro! website to buy!  This tastes interesting and different. I got more lemonade than strawberry in flavour if I'm honest. I like the fact this has only 99 calories. It has just the right amount of sweetness which has been supplemented with Stevia sweetener.  

5. Kitkat Bites White large sharing bag. I put these in the fridge as we are having a hot spell at the moment, and we had them one evening in front of TV. They were delicious and we finished them off quickly! Each piece is about half the length of a regular Kitkat biscuit. Inside they have dark chocolate cream and a white wafer. Really lovely.

6. KitKat Senses Mix - gift box of chocolates. Woops - We ate these and forgot to take a photo! Each sweet is wrapped in foil and there are 3 flavours: Hazlenut, Slated caramel and double chocolate. They are all rich and delicious. What I really love is the internal packaging which opens up like a serving dish. This has a funky retro design on it, I am sure crafters could think of a 100 uses for this from making into gift tags to using it in collages. So lovely it's a shame to throw it away!  A great gift idea, I got  a box for my birthday and thought it was great.

7. 2 packs Brioche Pasquier PITCH rolls, one with chocolate centre, the other chocolate chip.  I had a couple of these as a sweetener after lunch today and they were really delicious.  Very light and airy with just the right amount of sweet chocolate inside, these are very yummy indeed.  I think that they would also be very nice as a dessert with custard on the top. Each one is wrapped in it's own packet so would be good for lunches and picnics. 

8. Say Aloe Reduced Sugar Drink, ideal for lunch breaks in the office, though I have to say this was far to sweet and cloying for me and I did not drink it.

9. Lucozade Energy Original Flavour Drink - Hubby had this at this at work

Searching 'Clearance' at yay retro!

This guy just searched 'Clearance' at yay retro! no wonder he looks excited!  I add fresh vintage wares to my clearance section every week which can be found by typing the word into the search box in my online shop or clicking here!  Find some fantastic offers and even job lots every week and know that I will combine postage wherever I possibly can with a manual refund once your parcel is packed, or set up a firm postage cost by emailing me your order

1950s and 60s Vintage Fish Dishes and Pictures For Sale

yay retro! I know that many people love vintage fish designs and so always try to keep several in stock to choose from. How about these stunning Italian fish dishes from the 1950/60s? These are perfect for ornaments or for serving nibbles at parties. The on on the right is absolutely huge at 40cm wide and so would make an impact wherever it was used or displayed!

I also have a lovely Alain Gree framed goldfish picture from the 1960s for sale along with a beautifully illustrated 1950s photo album with fish on it. I can imagine this would be ideal for scrapbooking too and am sure crafty types could think of a zillion uses for this.

These pottery fish make lovely ornaments, the fine matte glazed fish on the left has large red polka dots and is probably 1960/70s whilst the large blue fish on the left is a fun and huge goggle eyed and would be a good talking point - he's in my clearance section at the moment and is looking for a new home to swim in!  Search fish at yay retro! now.

UK Eurovision Contest Winning Kitchenalia and Homeware!

We are watching the Eurovision Song Contest this evening and Mr yay! wondered what vintage items were around when the UK won the contest.

It turns out the UK has won 5 times. In 1967 Sandie Shaw won with Puppet on a String. At the time Flower Power was all the rage and fantastic designs like this teapot were appearing in kitchens across the land. It's J&G Meakin's Topic pattern which was designed in 1967 by Alan Rogers.

In 1969 Lulu tied first place with Boom Bang-a-Bang. Psychedelic designs were all the rage and appeared on everything from china to fabulous linen wall hangings and tea towels.


In 1976 Brotherhood of Man won with Save all your Kisses for Me. Illustrations in the 70s were simply superb and many of today's vintage collectors buy up children's books and games like the one below for the graphics. 

1981 saw Bucks Fizz winning with Making Your Mind Up. Sweet, sugary imagery from the likes of Hollie Hobbie and Sarah Kay were in fashion at the time as seen on this child's apron.

That just leaves Katrina and the Waves with Love, Shine a Light winning in 1997. The 90s was a decade of vintage bears which appeared in books, prints and little ornaments such as the ones below.

Will SuRie will tonight with Storm? We wait and see! Pop in to yay retro!'s online vintage shop now for a lovely browse while we wait for voting to commence!

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