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25% off Vintage SALE NOW ON at yay retro!

yay retro! has a fantastic promotion on right now. There is 25% off all vintage wares in our online shop until 25th December. With lots of one off vintage wares available at reduced prices PLUS FREE UK mainland and NI POSTAGE there has never been a better time to shop at yay retro!  People are already diving in and stocking up. Ideal for Christmas presents and also for vintage resellers!

Vintage Cat & Mouse Brandy Glass Vases for sale

If you are looking to buy a vintage Brandy Glass vase complete with a cat climbing up the side and a praying mouse inside, then yay retro! have quite a range to choose from at the moment. All of these are from the 1960s and 70s and come in smoked glass, turquoise or red.  As you can see my kitten LC has given me a hand with the photographing today - naturally curious he was wondering what was going on with the flashes from the camera and I managed to get some good shots with him in!

You can get an idea of the size of this 43cm tall glass with LC chilling beneath it! Many of these vase sets are at clearance prices and all are in my 25% off sale which runs until 25th December!  Check out my Brandy Glass vases here.

Vintage Christmas Gifts to buy at yay retro!

The yay retro! online vintage shop has been restocked with the very best genuine vintage wares ready for all your Christmas shopping. I've chosen the best vintage brands such as Hornsea, Worcesterware, Emsa, Arthur Wood and Carltonware as well as the very best Italian and Scandinavian Mid Century pottery.  Gift ideas can be found in my Vintage Gift section. Here's just a few of the ideas I have for you, remember each is a one off unique item for sale in my online shop and is unlikely to be repeated any time soon, if at all.

This Carltonware peacock or bird ashtray is just one the of delicious items I have from this 1960/70s brand. Other items in stock include a collectable Carltonware Milkshake shaped lidded dish from the 1980s, a sough after 1960/70s bird money box, plus cute bird salt and pepper pots and eggcups.

When it comes to another collectable vintage brand, Arthur Wood, I have 2 different dog money boxes...these are most often used as ornaments now and I think you can see why! I also have an unusual wall hanging Arthur Wood fish which would look great in any room of your home.

Looking for top quality Mid Century Italian Pottery? yay retro! has several lovely designs in great condition. Choose from a wall hanging rack to a decorative bottle to a sumptuous Alessio Tasca wall plaque and a huge Italian fish dish! 

Emsa just has to be one of my most favourite vintage brands. This range of very bright plastics from the 1960/70s are a superb addition to any kitchen, caravan or camper. Especially when in the amazing condition of this cheese dish!!! I also have a superb bright orange Emsa serving dish and a bright red flowery mixing bowl in stock.

Go shopping at yay retro! now. UK mainland and NI postage is free and there is a free gift for orders over £25 while stocks last.

Buy Vintage Christmas Decorations at yay retro!

yay retro! have a good range of vintage Christmas decorations for sale at the moment, many of them at very low prices which makes them extra affordable!  From the very sought after genuine vintage bottle brush trees I have available to vintage tinsel and Christmas tree ornaments, you are sure to find something appealing on my vintage online shop.

These amazing tinsel candle Christmas ornaments are just the thing to add pzazz to your tree. Why not combine them with these crazy santa ornaments?

I also have some gorgeous vintage Christmas tree fairies or angels dating from the 1950s, 60s and 70s!  Why not search 'Christmas' at yay retro! today?

Mid Century Italian Pottery for sale at yay retro!

If you love 1950s styling, then you are sure to love and seek out Italian Pottery from the era. yay retro! has a lovely range of Mid Century Italian pottery for sale in our online shop at the moment. These include a vase, bottle, dish in a key rack and an ornamental dish. Marcello Fantoni in style, these sgraffitio red, black, yellow and blue are sure fire additions to your collection.

Add to this the Alessio Tasca dishes there is something for everyone and also some superb gift ideas. I particularly loved the Scandi styled dish with a family of people looking out of the window, and the super large fish serving dish I have for sale right now at yay retro! Shop now for Mid Century Italian pottery.

What is it like to go to the filming of the Antiques Roadshow?

The Antiques Roadshow were filming today (13.9.18) at Buckfast Abbey in Buckfastleigh, Devon.  I was keen that if I had a free day I would pop along, and with the beautiful sunshiny, balmy Autumn weather it was the perfect day to attend.  Here is a description of the day, what we saw and what we found out, plus some tips on taking your objects to be valued.

The gates opened at 9.30am and my husband and I were there at 9.35am. Already the car park was filling up nicely.  As it was, we meandered down a leafy lane and joined the orderly queue in the lovely Buckfast Abbey gardens. We waited for 4.5 hours, snaking gently around the lawns to get to reception. We then queued a further hour to meet the valuers. It was all very amiable and the stewards were friendly and chatty, however I did so wish I’d thought to bring a chair and a picnic!

Whilst waiting we took it in turns for a wander, I saw the glass expert, Andy McConnell being filmed with a man and his selection of blue glassware. Fiona Bruce having a chat with one of the shows presenters and some of the other valuers meeting people 1:1. I couldn't hear what was being said as I was a bit too far back, but it was really interesting to see how they make the programme. If you wanted to go along simply to watch you would definitely be able to amble from table to table to see and hear what was happening and to watch some of the filming. 

Once at the reception we were directed with a pass card to the right umbrella under which sat our valuer. We were allowed to show just 3 items as it was a busy day. My husband took my Nan’s necklace to the jewellery person and I had two oriental pieces for the ceramics expert from my Grampy and Gran. 

Here I am with David Battie who is an expert on ceramics, particularly with Japanese and Chinese antiques. It was just chance that I was seen by him, and it couldn't have been a better outcome since my items were from China and Japan. First up was a little jug brought back from China by my Grampy during WW2, he was in the navy. This was made early 20th century and was worth the a few pounds as I expected.

The second item which has been handed down through my Gran's side was a large vase with blue birds flying over chrysanthemums with irises and other flowers all round. It's a really pretty vase but I just keep it packed away. Until last night I thought it was British, but noticed a small oriental mark painted on the bottom at the side when I took a closer look.  Turns out David knew right away the signature was for Soijei Kinkozan, and it was made in Kyoto, Japan and dates around the 1880s. I got quite excited when David pointed out that the gold decoration was all real, especially as he pondered for quite a while saying what a lovely example it was. Alas I didn't get my spot on TV though! It's value turned out to be quite small, but it was brilliant to find out who created it, where and when, and it was definitely worth the wait to find out. It's been in the the family for years with none of us knowing anything about it.

The necklace my husband showed the Jewellery expert turned out to be a large beautifully cut citrine from the 1880s rather than a diamond, so we won't be retiring any time soon!

My top tips for taking items to be valued at the filming of an Antiques Roadshow

  • Arrive 1 - 2 hours before the gates open to be sure of being ahead of the queue - though it’s worth noting that as long as you are in the queue by 5pm you should hopefully be seen by an expert.
  • Wear sunglasses and take a hat and an umbrella ideal for all weathers, (I forgot all but glasses!)
  • Take a folding chair, a flask and a picnic as you will be on your feet for much of the day (I forgot all of this as well!)
  • Go to the loo early on, they got busier as the day wore on!
  • Go with a friend so that they can hold your space in the queue when you need a drink or break, and so that you can wander and see the valuers at work and some of the filming.

  • Going with a friend also means you can split up and show different genres of item for valuation. 
  • It might be an idea to group your items so that you don’t have to queue too many times; for us we had a piece of jewellery and two pieces of ceramics. So we joined one valuation queue each.
  • Make a note of what your expert says, as in all the excitement it’s easy to forget everything!
  • Some people took retro items (see below), I didn't think to do this!!

This particular filming session will be made into two episodes and be shown between a few months and a year from 13.9.18 - I wonder if you'll see me queuing in the background?!  

Pop into the yay retro! online vintage shop here for fab 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s homewares

New Vintage Shop Categories at yay retro! to Explore

I've changed a few things in the yay retro! online vintage shop. Now if you wish to find anything at all for the kitchen including teapots, cups and saucers and mugs they will be found in the Vintage Kitchen section.

This has allowed me to add a new category of lovelies for sale, namely 60s Inspired Crochet. As you'll know if you've been following yay retro! on social media, I've been selling handmade crocheted items for a month or so, and I am adding to this range. The hot water bottle covers and pot stands are very popular and I have also added Flower Power pin cushions in usable cups and saucers as well as gorgeous cotton table runners with a Scandi feel.


Items may appear in several categories at once, so crochet would also appear in Vintage Textiles, and it is gift worthy it will be found in Vintage Gifts too.  

You can also search for vintage bargain items which are for sale between £1 and £10 including postage. These are listed in price order, so it's always worth have a browse through as fresh items may have been added since your last visit. All other categories have remained the same. Go shopping at yay retro! now - FREE UK mainland and NI postage, with a FREE gift for orders over £25 while stocks last.

Amazing Mid Century Abstract Vinyl Bag For Sale- Ideal Film Prop

This superb mid century vinyl bag is a fantastic find and available now in the yay retro! vintage shop. Totally unique the design brings to mind the Atomic abstract patterns by Lucienne Day and David Whitehead. It is very sculptural and would perhaps be called a bucket bag as it shapes make me think of this. I have been unable to find another online, making me think this super rare item could be from an individual couturier or fashion house? If you know anything do let me know!

It would be a fantastic film or theatre prop to create the authentic 1950s look. You may wish to use this as your every day bag or perhaps use it in your home for a plant? Whichever way you use it, this is a talking point and something NOT to be missed. Shop for this 1950s bag now!

60/70s Inspired Crochet Homewares for sale at yay retro!

yay retro! now has a new section in the vintage online shop for 60s inspired crochet for sale. I've been crocheting on and off since I learnt how 32 years ago. I began by making baby clothes, however because I had two boys, and at the time crochet patterns were limited to pretty tops I resorted to knitting their clothes instead. I really missed the look and feel of crochet as it grew in my hands and happily a couples of years ago I got back into making again. With the amazing array of patterns now available online I've made five or six blankets, 4 tops for myself to wear and no end of granny squares related items. Having got back into full swing of crocheting I've begun to add useful items to the yay retro! shop for you to buy. I've made sure that all the yay retro! crochet items are 60/70s inspired and in some cases I've followed vintage patterns.

Many of the items I've made would make great gifts and they look just as good when not being used as when they are. Take for example these lovely plushie hot water bottles in their 70s Granny Square covers.  Each one is unique with zingy colour schemes and little heart of granny decal ties. They come complete with brand new hot water bottle and are soft, squishy and sure to make someone feel loved. All the yarns used are new, my favourites are Stylecraft as they are so soft and cuddly and the colours are gorgeous. A recent reviewer on the yay retro Facebook page said "My 70’s inspired crocheted cover hot water bottle is amazing and packed so beautifully. Thank you!"

How about a lovely table runner for your Ercol coffee table or sideboard?  This one made from 100% mercerised soft Drops Muskat cotton. Use it on your table to show it off, or as a wall hanging with the bamboo knitting needles (cleverly provided) to ensure you can easily hang it up.

I am also beginning to add mandala styled pot stands, these are of my own design and are double layered with a little hanging loop. Again made from 100% new cotton yarn, each is individual and made with 70s inspired colours. Pop them on the wall as an artwork anywhere in your home or use in the kitchen. Ideal as a pretty gift and very affordable with free UK & NI postage.

Continuing on the Mandala theme, the one below was made following a 1940s doily pattern. By updating the colours it highlights the sunflower motif in the centre, and makes it larger and more usable. A  lovely addition to brighten a corner in your room or as a centrepiece to a table or sideboard. Each mandala added to the yay retro shop will be unique and made from 100% new cotton yarn - I use Drops or Scheepjes as the quality is fantastic.  

Go shopping for crochet at yay retro now, each item is lovely as a treat for yourself or to give as a gift.

Check out my free crochet pattern for a 1970s styled waistcoat here. This is a picture of me wearing it!

Posted in Crochet by yayretro on 26/08/2018

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