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yay retro! have a great range of vintage glasses for sale at the moment and experience of sending glassware safely through the post.  You can easily find out what vintage glass I have for sale by using this link.  I have recently added some great complete sets such as these 1930/40s fine blue glasses.  A set of six these remind me of vaseline or Depression glass which of course is green. The gorgeous blue on these make them superb as display items when not in use and all are in great condition, making them a superb gift idea.

By contrast these 1970s Caithness glasses are from the Canisbay range. Their heavyweight bulbous forms bring to mind Scandinavian glasses such as those from Holmgaard. These collectable glasses would be ideal for your retro bar at home.

A wonderful recent find was a complete set of 6 vintage glasses with the Pony logo on them.  Pony was labelled 'The drink with a kick" back in the 1970s and was made especially for women when pubs and clubs were frequented mostly by men, alien as that seems today.  These fine glasses have gold rims and are super appealing. Again being a complete set make them very unusual. Babycham collectors or those interested in all things equestrian are sure to love them!  Check out all things glass in the yay retro! online vintage shop here.

New range of 70s styled Crochet at yay retro!

yay retro! have launched a range of 70s styled crochet items. Each is created using the very best yarns and vintage inspired colours.  The range has begun with Hot Water Bottle sets which include a handmade granny square crochet cover complete with a brand new fleecy hot water bottle. Now I do realise we are currently in a heatwave, but for those of you who like to stock up on Christmas or winter birthday gifts they are just the thing!  Keep an eye on the yay retro! shop for more lovely crochet items coming soon!

1960s Framed Illustrations at yay retro!

I just love the little range of framed vintage 1960s illustrations I've just added to the yay retro! online shop.  There are only 4 of these beauties available, so do pop in to grab one or two!  My favourites have to be the kitchen and lounge scene. I would do anything for a sky blue kitchen and the styling of the lounge is incredible with it's Atomic coffee table and cheese plant! Use this link to see which framed images I have in stock now.

How to Use Vintage Trays & Chopping Boards Around Your Home

yay retro! sell genuine vintage melamine trays and chopping boards and they prove very popular with our vintage loving customers.  There are obvious uses for each of these items, but many people including myself actually extend their use around our homes.  I personally adore Taunton Vale trays from the 1960s and 70s because the designs are so uplifting and bright.  I use them as pictures in my kitchen. The lip on the back means that a couple of well placed brass tacks in the wall will hold the tray firmly in place.  As you'll see this is a very attractive, cost effective Flower Power artwork.


Praesidium vintage trays from the 60s & 70s are equally delicious. I use mine as a frame to my ever changing vintage & retro display in my dining room. I've simply leant it against the wall on top of my sideboard and it serves to show off my ornaments which include Figgjo Flint Clupea, Italian pottery and also modern day pieces from places like Tiger.

My vintage melamine chopping boards are never used for chopping as they are too precious!  The one seen below stands on my kitchen shelves and again acts as a backdrop to my vintage cookware. I've held this and the melamine pot stand with orange flowers safely in place with some blutac. I particularly like the Taunton Vale chopping board which is designed to look like a bouquet of flowers - this is my all time favourite design.

Another Taunton Vale tray stands behind my kettle, making it more of a feature.  This round tray has pale blue daisies and is quite simply adorable. You can use trays in this way to cover up unsightly plug sockets etc.

The same design is available in yellow in a rectangular format.  I use this one to cover a watermark on my wooden worktop and to house my Crown Devon Storage jars which I use as utensil holders. 

I am also very lucky to have found a large Taunton Vale flowery worktop saver. Again I never use this for chopping or preparing food as for me this is a work of art! Instead I use it to cover the tiles behind my hob, (obviously I remove it whenever I turn the hob on.)  It really shows off my vintage enamel pan which I leave on display when I am not cooking. 

If you would like to invest in a vintage melamine chopping board or tray check my stock in the yay retro! shop, I regularly get items in, however they do sell quickly, so if there is nothing available that you like right now come back to check again soon!  Vintage trays & Chopping Boards were made by brands such as Marks & Spencers, Taunton Vale, Cloverleaf & Praesidium.  Use these helpful links:  Vintage Trays at yay retro & Vintage Chopping Boards at yay retro

Degustabox July 2018 Voucher Code & Product Reviews - yay retro!

Try Degustabox with yay retro! - Use Code: WBWEO and get money off your first box!

I am really lucky that the specialist food subscription company Degustabox have invited me to trial their food boxes each month. The great thing is that the yay retro! vintage shop customers can also share in the fun by using a special code to try their first box at a reduced price of just £7.99! Quote code WBWEO at Degustabox to start your own subscription, and get a lovely box full of treats and foods like the one below to try each month, delivered to your door.

Running the yay retro! online vintage shop means I often run out of time to think about food and often end up buying the same items each week. Degustabox has changed all that, as each month I get introduced to new products and reintroduced to old favourites I might have forgotten. Many of these then get added to my weekly shop after I've given them a try. Yesterday the July 18 Degustabox arrived and it was full of great items. Here's an overview of what's in the box (an asterisk denotes that there is now a review written below) :

1. Capsicana Guacamole Mix*
2. Capsicana Brazilian Smoked Paprika & Spices Seasoning
3. Heinz Salad Cream*
4. Rosie's Pig Flat Tyre Cider* 
5. Ribena Sparkling x 2 bottles*
6. Miso Tasty Mugi Barley Miso Soup*
7. Percol Iced Coffee*
8. Peckish Rice Crackers Cheese Trays*
9. Pulsin Salted Caramel Raw Chocolate Brownie*
10. Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles 30% Less Sugar Sharing Bag*
11. London Flavours Crisps x 2 bags*
12. Cadbury's Highlights Milk Chocolate Drink* 

Come back and see what I think of each product as I try them!

Last month's Degustabox had the Capsicana Latin Flavour cook sauces inside. With the very hot weather I did not get around to trying them, so that's on my list of to do's. This month we got Brazilian Smoked Paprika & Spices for Beef or Chicken (I'll use with Quorn pieces) and Mexican Guacamole mix ready to add to Avocado.

Capsicana Guacamole Mix Brazilian Chilli & Coconut Cook Sauce Mix was actually in last months box, (this month we got a Guacomole mix which I won't use as I don't like Avocado). This mix was great - really hot, spicy and different to anything we've had before, we both loved it and would have again.  I actually watered it down with both milk and water to make it go further and made it into a curry with Quorn pieces, red peppers, onions and peas. It's recommended for use in a wrap and I am sure this would be delicious with Quorn mince or stir fried vegetables.

Pulsin Salted Caramel Raw Chocolate Brownie:  The thing I like about Pulsin is that they are healthy bars packed with nutrition, yet are stunningly tasty too! Pulsin bars are a good source of protein and are gluten, dairy and soya free, making them ideal for Vegans as well as anyone else who fancies a 'good for you' treat. This one was made from things like Dates, cacoa powder, brown rice, grape juice and green tea extract. Just the right level of sweetness and bite, I would definitely recommend. They come in at 215 calories per bar. We shared the Brownie as a dessert with banana, angel delight and cream and it was delicious (as above in Woods Beryl vintage wartime bowls available from the yay retro! shop). 

Heinz Salad Cream, an old favourite which brings back the 1970s for me!  My husband loves Heinz salad cream on a simple salad sandwich, so that's what he has for his lunch today! Delicious! We will use the rest on salads and Jersey Royal potatoes.

Percol Iced Coffee, this is a completely delicious iced latte coffee drink. It comes in a cardboard styled 'can' which is appealing to me since you can apparently recycle it with your paper.  It's both organic and Fairtrade and has 18g of protein added to give it a little more boost - protein keeps you fuller for longer. I shared this with my husband as we both fancied it, and we thought it was really delicious. Thick and tasty, there's around 205 calories per 'can' and they retail at £1.50 each.  That's a really good price for this depth of flavour I think. 

Ribena Sparkling is a new drink which comes in a recyclable glass bottle. I'm taking my bottles out for a picnic at the beach today and am so pleased to see that there are only 15 calories in each bottle. Apparently pubs will also be stocking these meaning that a really good low calorie choice will be available behind many a bar.  We've got Blackcurrant and also Pineapple & Passion Fruit Flavours to try out, both were lovely - not too sweet, nor too fizzy - and I would definitely recommend them, though they do retail at a pricey £2.70 each.

Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles 30% Less Sugar Sharing Bag. We had these whilst watching a movie on Netflix. I was really pleased to see a family favourite now comes with less sugar and was incredibly impressed with the taste and look of these sweets. They were a lovely shape reflecting the fruits themselves, and richly coloured with naturally sourced colourings. They tasted fantastic being made from concentrated blackcurrant, orange, lemon, lime and strawberry juices.  I would say I prefer these to the regular fruit pastilles as they were distinctly more naturally fruity in flavour, will definitely be buying again.

I love the funky packaging on these London Flavours premium crisps, and we received 2 of the 4 flavours available. The cheese and onion features a picture reflecting London 1965 and the salt and vinegar has Big Ben reflecting London at the turn of the century in the year 2000.  I had the salt and vinegar as a treat after lunch yesterday. They were obviously handcrafted, being thick, tasty and with a bit of the skins left on.  I did think they were a bit sweet tasting, other than this very nice. I would imagine with their London-centric packaging they might be going for the tourist market in the city and can imagine them selling to tourists in cafes and delis.

Cadbury's Highlights Milk Chocolate Drink, (pic to follow) I love 'quick to make' Hot Chocolate drinks and always choose low sugar options.  This one tastes superb and is thick and creamy. With only 38 calories per cup if you make it as strong as they recommend (I always find I can use less and still get a chocolate hit), this is definietly going on my shopping list from now onwards. I normally go for the Weightwatchers version, however after tasting this one I shall definitely change over as the Cadbury's brand is easier to source in my local shop. Brilliant!

Miso Tasty Mugi Barley Miso Soup:  My husband who likes Japanese foods had this for his lunch with some toast. We were both impressed with the stylish packaging. The seaweed & mushrooms swell up to large pieces and it has a distinct authentic smell and taste. 

Peckish Rice Crackers, these baked crisp sized crackers are made from rice and are gluten free. They are very tasty and light, with a good crispy bite to them. Ideal for a different treat at snacktime, they have a around 100 less calories per 100gm than regular crisps.

Rosie's Pig Flat Tyre Cider, sorry forget to take a photo as I drank this after a hard day packing yay retro! parcels!  I was impressed as it was not too sweet. Nice and fruity.

Go Shopping at yay retro!'s online Vintage Shop now, all FREE POSTAGE (UK mainland & NI), plus price reductions throughout the shop - Celebrate Summer Vintage Style!

Ten Uses for Vintage Flower Power Sheets!

Vintage bedding is a very popular choice with modern vintage lovers, the quality of the fabrics are so lovely and of course the Flower Power designs are simply out of this world.  Have you ever wondered what you could use them for?  Well here are ten top ideas for you!

1: Use a Vintage Sheet on your Bed as a Regular Sheet

This is an obvious one, but if you're new to vintage then you can quite easily be confused about bed & sheet sizes. Here's a handy guide to help you work out if a vintage sheet will fit your bed:

Here are the European Actual Bed Sizes
Single 90 x 190cm
Double  140 x 190cm
King 160 x 200cm
Super King 200 x 200cm

2: Use a Vintage Sheet as a Throw

I have a super king size bed, so I use vintage sheets folded in half as a throw at the end of the bed to great effect. Paired up with vintage pillow cases the mix and match looks you can create is really lovely. Plus getting into a vintage styled bed just cannot be beaten in my opinion!

3: Use a Vintage Sheet to Make a Duvet Cover

You can very easily make you own duvet covers from vintage sheets, simply sew up three edges and add poppers to the opening. Here are the measurements for duvets, you'll quickly see what you could pretty much make a Super King Duvet cover out of two vintage double flat sheets:

Single duvet 135x200cm (53 inches x 78 inches approx)
Double duvet 200x200cm (78 inches x 78 inches approx)
King duvet 230x220cm (90 inches x 86 inches approx)
Super King duvet 260x220cm (102 inches x 86 inches approx)

4: Use a Vintage Sheet to keep Cool at Night whatever the size of your bed!

We use a vintage flat sheet in the summer to lay over us and keep cool. When temperatures soar as they recently have we are not in the slightest bit bothered about whether is covers the bed entirely and find it works a treat!

5: Use a Vintage Sheet as a Tablecloth

A single bed flat sheet will cover the largest of tables. I know many yay retro! customers buy vintage sheets and use them in this way.  Indeed one lady sent me a gorgeous photo of her daughters birthday tea party, where a vintage sheet on the table was central to the birthday theme.

6: Use a Vintage Sheet as a Picnic Blanket

You can use a vintage flat sheet folded up or spread right out to create varying sizes for a picnic.  So easy to pack away in your car, caravan or camper van too! Plus you'd be sure to get heaps of positive comments on your glamping style!

7: Use a Vintage Sheet to make Clothes

Loads of yay retro! customers buy vintage sheets (and indeed tablecloths) to make into clothes. A sheet has so much material in it you can easily make a Flower Power dress or skirt.

8: Use a Vintage Sheet to make Cushion Covers

With a vintage sheet there is an almost unending supply of fabric ready to make into cushion covers with fabric left over for your fabric stash!

9: Use a Vintage Sheet to make a Patchwork Quilt

Cut your vintage sheet into squares and combine with another of a different colour or design and stitch to create a family heirloom!

10: Use a Vintage Sheet to make Curtains

There is no reason why a vintage sheet cannot be quickly turned into a pair of curtains, particularly if you line them or buy ready made curtain linings. Whether for your home, camper van or caravan a thick vintage sheet is ideal for a summer all year round feel!

Go shopping for Vintage Textiles including sheets, pillow cases, tablecloths and tea towels now at yay retro!

Mid Century Fish Dishes at yay retro!

One of the most popular pottery designs sold at yay retro! has to be dishes with fish designs.  These were made in the 1950s, 60s & 70s by potteries in the UK, Scandinavia and Italy.

Italian potteries were busy in the 50s and 60s creating a range of stunning designs...

with brightly colours hand painted fish. These are now quickly purchased by yay retro! customers and can be used for display in any room of the modern vintage home.

Meanwhile, in the UK potters were creating their own designs. The Cornish potteries such as Tremaen in Newlyn made the most beautiful works.  The one below by Peter Ellery is just such an example. Each fish has been carefully hand painted in the rich brown glazes so popular in the 70s.

Muriel P Wright from Suffolk made the delightful Scandi inspired fish dish in the centre above, whilst Elizabeth and Michael Skipworth from the Lotus Pottery in Devon made fish dishes with turquoise glazes over their signature rich green. These are often displayed on a shelf to great effect.

Examples of Scandinavian fish designs include the stunning plate below from Stavanger Flint in Norway. This just has to be one of my favourite designs ever for it's clarity and colours. The central picture is Clupea from Figgjo Flint of Norway, a cheery design which appears on tablewares from jugs to casserole dishes.

The butter plaque above is from Porsgrund of Norway, these are most often used for wall displays by vintage collectors. They have a little hole where the eye appears and can be hung on a piece of leather or just hooked up through this. Of course, they are also ideal for serving sushi, cheeses and butter too!

Search 'Fish' at yay retro! now to find all that we have in stock at the moment

Lotus Pottery Mid Century Bulls For Sale

yay retro! have Lotus Pottery bulls for sale at the moment in our online vintage shop.  These mid century classics were made and designed by Elizabeth and &Michael Skipworth in the little picturesque village of Stike Gabriel in Devon. They have a rich green glaze which features a hand painted daisy on each side. beautifully modelled they come in various sizes. I have the small and medium sizes available to buy now and they would be super on their own or as a pair.

The Lotus Pottery also designed fish dishes, cats, birds, salt and pepper pots, vases and owls. Use this link to check on stock and see more lovely designs that I've previously sold.

Brandy Glass Vases with Cat & Mouse for sale

Looking to buy a vintage 1960 brandy glass vase complete with a cat and mouse? Look no further than the yay retro! online vintage shop. It's not an easy task to find these complete nowadays as the cats often get broken tails or the mice go on walkabout.  So it's always a delight when I can get everything together again for people.  Right now I have two brandy glass vases in stock. Each has a unique cat and pretty mouse in great condition. Fantastic! 

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