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Vintage 60s/70s Melamine = Style

Back in the 60s when plastics were first becoming popular for the home, it was modern and trendy to have melamine cups and saucers. Virtually unbreakable, melamine was the new wonder material, and companies such as Gaydon Melmex and Melaware began producing all kinds of tableware, including butter dishes, bowls, plates, salt and pepper pots and more.

Today, we tend to think of these items for use in vintage camper vans, caravans or whilst glamping. However potteries such as Midwinter were so afraid that melamine would take over in our homes, they began to produce melamine tea sets themselves in order to compete!

When you consider people were used to having china, pressed glass, wood and metal kitchen and tableware, items such as this chunky melamine / plastic Crayonne Ice Bucket designed for Habitat by Sir Terence Conran, seemed almost space age!

The 60s and 70s were a time for minimal design, bold colours and making a statement, and young couples everywhere embraced the vitality of these fantastic products. Happily melamine's resilience to every day use means that we can have fab items like this in the yay retro! shop for sale 50 years later :O)

Shop for vintage melamine / melaware now

Original Barkcloth Handmade Funky Cushions

Right now yay retro! have some fab vintage cushions, in the shop. Ideal for your VW camper, retro caravan or vintage home, these were almost certainly made back in the 50s / 60s. We love the bright yellow and orange funky flowers on these, and we think you will too! They even have good old fashioned ruffle edges :O)

Pack up your vintage hamper!

For those of you hardy campervanners out there, picnicking is a year round occupation. There's nothing like a trip out in your VW to lift the spirits. Although we have had lots of rain,  there have been sunny periods in between which any keen camper will take advantage of. That's the great thing about VW's etc, hop in turn the key and you are away, even if it is only for an afternoon. Why not check out yay retro!'s current range of vintage picnic equipment now?

Kit out your Vintage Caravan or Camper

Did you know that yay retro! is packed full of great items for your vintage caravan or VW camper?  We hunt around for the very best in 1960s Gaydon Melamine and funky 70s Staffordshire Potteries Mugs, Cups and Saucers, because having owned a Vdub ourselves before, we know what looks great inside!

At the moment, we have melaware salt and pepper pots, egg cups and butter dishes as well as cereal bowls, cups and saucers. We even have a Gaydon cheese grater!! 

On the Staffordshire Pottery front, we have surfer style mugs, cups, saucers and plates in a great range of bright flowery patterns, we even have a set still in it's box! Why not nip into the yay retro! shop for a browse now? 

yay retro! talk to local VW Camper Hire company

As we sell lots of vintage 1960/70s melaware and chunky china ideal for retro campervans and caravans we just love chatting to the people who have made vintage campervanning a business. Just such a person is Ben from VW Camper Hire. They started their VW hire company because of a love of old VWs...Ben's first car was an original VW Beetle. VW Camper Hire are based in Southampton and hire out a Classic 1970's VW Type 2 Bay, three Danbury T2 Bays and they have a new T5 California arriving in a couple of months.

VW Campervans are not always practical or economic to own yourself so by hiring them you get to enjoy the VW Camper experience. Being located so close to the New Forest VW Camper Hire are in the perfect place for people to head out into the forest, across to Dorset or even over to the Isle of Wight to have their campervan adventure.

Their favourite van is Ruby, as she is an original from the 1970s - a lot of blood, sweat and tears have gone into her to bring her up to amazing camper she is today, Complete bodywork overhaul, new interior refit, new engine you name she had had it all!!

Ben says 
the most memorable journey he has taken in a VW camper was a tour of the Jurassic Coast in Dorset starting at Old Harry's Rock near Swanage,  following the coast as much as possible all the way down to Orcombe Point close to Exmouth in Devon. Walking some of the coast line along the South West Coast path was literally breathtaking and allowed us to take in some of the UK's most stunning scenery.

He goes on to tell us that he loves the 1960s Gaydon picnic ware on the yay retro! website (Gaydon Melmex), as it looks fantastic, and its perfect for a picnic when you are out and about in a camper! For us, he adds, going in a VW Camper is all about the care free abandon of exploring the open road and to do it with nostalgia from the 1960s & 1970s just enriches the experience :O)  

If you would like to pop in to the yay retro! vintage shop now, click here

If you want to check out Ben's VW vans, click here

Why it's never to early to plan your 2014 vintage picnics

What do picnics mean to you? Retro Romance? Fresh air? Good old fashioned family get togethers? Sunsets? Beach BBQs? Vintage Baskets and Blankets? Now that January is here we just love to plan for Spring and Summer picnics, getting dates in the diary for when everyone can meet up and  thinking up places to go. We already have our picnic basket and blanket in the car, as that's the best place to keep it!

When it comes to picnics yay retro! have lots of great vintage accessories including 1960s Gaydon Melamine - quite simply a must-have on any picnic, in your VW camper, caravan, or when camping or glamping!  Right now we have orange, blue, yellow and hazelnut Gaydon cups and saucers in, plus some amazing red Melaware tea plates. For those of you with plenty of picnic basket room, we also have salt and pepper pots, butter dishes and jugs.

We always like to keep some picnic baskets in our online shop too, and our current stock includes a beautiful round open wicker basket (which could be used for shopping and storage as well as picnics). Plus we also have a small rafia and larger wicker polka dot lined picnic basket. 

All of our items tend to be one offs, this is why planning ahead makes sense. If you see a basket or set of retro Melamine in the yay retro! shop that you like, it's best to buy as soon as possible, as we will almost certainly not get another basket in which is the same, and we only get melamine picnic ware in from time to time - and who knows which colour we will or will not find!

Finally what vintage picnic would be complete without a bit of 60s Tupperware? We have a nice set of original Tupperware for sale at the moment, which includes some cute sandwich boxes...Why not plan your vintage picnics now? Dream of Spring and Summer days, blue skies egg & cress sandwiches, crisps and cupcakes - let us know where you might go and your favourite picnic foods!

Pop into yay retro! now for some vintage picnic planning, and we vintage picnicware we currently have for sale.

Plan for your Vintage Picnic 2014

It's never too soon to start planning for the sunnier weather and for vintage picnics!  Kitting yourself out with all things retro ready for the Summer is such a therapeutic thing to do at this time of the year!  

Why not have a wander through our 60s vintage melamine, to find your ideal picnic or camper van tea set now? Our stylish vintage Gaydon melamine is also ideal for glamping and caravanning.

Retro picnic ware for sale

Just flicking through one of my ladybird books recently, they are so fabulous! The attention to detail really does bring back my 60s childhood! Take away the dog and this could have been me and my Mum on Woolacoombe beach...We always went laden with our picnic basket full of tupperware and greaseproof parcels. It was used so much it was falling apart!

We have some very cute picnic baskets in stock at yay retro! at the moment, large enough for 2 people if you want to include some melamine cups and saucers too. Why not have a peek, and also check out our lovely Gaydon melaware?  Ideal for your caravan or VW camper, Gaydon was designed in the 1960s and comes in a wide range of colours. It's stylish design belies it's true age :O)

60s Melamine a Campervan Classic!

Do you own a vintage camper van? Maybe you have a VW splitty, a T2 or T4 and want to create a retro feel inside? yay retro! have just the thing you need - 1960s Gaydon melamine. This hardwearing plastic was shaped into the most iconic cups, saucers, plates, bowls and cruet sets you can imagine, and they are just as sought after today as they were when the product was launched in the swinging sixties.  You can spot Gaydon tableware by the oval shaped saucers, plates and cereal bowls.

Gaydon comes in a variety of colours from pastel pink, green, hazelnut, blues and yellow to bright orange, turquoise and green. We always try to keep a range in stock, and many of our customers like to match their melaware to the colour of their campervan.

Others like the mix and match look, which works particularly well with the pastel tones, as seen below with the yellow and hazelnut set we have in stock. When it comes to blues there are three different shades to choose from, so you are sure to find one that matches you dub! Click on the photo to see our current stocks, we will combine postage, so go ahead and order a selection, we will manually refund any postage not required after purchase for you.

Retro Cars Rule!

Just recently I've really got into illustration, and am drawn (see what I did there?!) to anyone who creates visually quirky and very clever imagery. One such illustrator is Tez from Tez Illustrator. Based on the coast of North Devon, in the lovely village of Braunton, Tez graduated with a Fda in Illustration from Plymouth University this year. 

We love the series of retro and vintage cars she has put together. Apparently the inspiration for the cars came from Tez and her husband Andy’s passion for old (mainly American) cars. They own a 1989 Chevrolet Camaro at the moment, and have owned other older Camaro's, Pontiac Firebirds, Mark 1 and 2 Capris and Classic Porsche 924's in the past. The first car image was produced when Andy asked her to design a tee shirt for him featuring their car. Then once it was seen, people requested their own cars and they have friends in the local Classic car club ‘Devon Cruisers’ who's cars feature on much of Tez's work. 

The current old car designs can be bought on tee shirts from, and on posters at Tez tells us that any requests for illustrations of any particular car can be made via her website :O)

We asked Tez about her own home and whether she is a lover of retro things...She tells us: "I have 6 glass handkerchief bowls displayed on my windowsill, vintage fabric curtains in the living room, a ceramic cat string holder in the kitchen, a Heatmaster tea pot in use every day, Kathie Winkle side plates, Midwinter 'spare' full dinner service with serving platters and tureens, but my favourite is our Homemaker dinner service which we use every day". 

She tells us her favourite item in the yay! retro shop at the minute is "the Uranium glass, I love the strength of colour and I have a passion for colourful vintage glass, and still have loads to unpack after the house move. If I have a space not filled with glass when all the boxes are finally emptied, I’ll be browsing the site but shhh don’t tell my husband!"  (haha - naughty!) Why not pop over to Tez's website now?

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