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Vintage Campervan - Melamine and more!

yay retro! is the place to come for all of your vintage camper van and vintage caravan needs. Our online shop stocks Gaydon melamine from the 1960s and Emsa tablewares from the 70s. We also keep a fantastic range of vintage Flower Power melamine trays in stock all year round. One of our best sellers in Gaydon Melmex butter dishes and we have pink and yellow versions for sale at the moment. Why not team these up with a set of Gaydon egg cups, jug or a fab Gaydon sugar bowl or preserve pot? These would look equally fab in your home.

As we used to own a VW camper ourselves, we are always on the look out for fab items to go in them. Why not opt for our hard wearing Staffordshire Pottery mugs from the 1970s, or an enamel coffee pot (ideal for hot chocolate when the sun goes down) from the 60s? Click here for more about vintage camper or caravan classics here.

Pep up your vintage camper van!

Here at yay retro! we know just the sorts of retro kitchen and table-wares, vintage camper and caravan owners love. From VW campers, Commer vans and Sprite caravans, camper van owners love to add genuine vintage kitchen products to their van interiors.

yay retro! sell Gaydon Melmex from the 1960s, and associated items which look just fab in your van. Take our gorgeous vintage chopping & serving boards, lightweight and decorated with fantastic 60 & 70s designs they are sure to be just the thing to pep up your van's kitchen area!

Take a look at our vintage fabric, cushions, bedding and curtains here too!

Fun Emsa Vintage Tableware for Kitchens & Campervans

Emsa is a German company who have produced plastic tablewares since the 1940s. For vintage lovers, their most popular items are red, yellow or orange tablewares from the 1960s & 70s. Being lightweight they are perfect for vintage camper van owners, and we can see these wonderful items in a VW Splitty right through to a modern day T5.

Items such as this vintage cheese or butter dish are also highly sought after for the modern vintage kitchen as they add a bright pop of colour to the room and table.  We love the zingy Bologna pattern, which features bright blue and green leaves on an orange background.

Right now yay retro! have a large selection of Emsa products, all in their original boxes, which is amazing (after all these years) if you think about it!  Take these fabby salt & pepper pots for example, they even have the original Emsa paper label still in place!

Brighten a breakfast, tea or lunchtime with boiled eggs in these wonderful orange Emsa egg cups!  The great thing about these products is that they look equally great on display, or quickly pack away safely.

We also have a large dish which was originally designed for serving bread or crackers, we think this would make a lovely fruit bowl too. What do you think?  Nip into yay retro! now for a peek, combined postage available.

Kit out your Vintage Camper at yay retro!

Lots of camper van owners come to yay retro! to kit out their vans. Whether you have a VW camper from the 70s or a Mazda Bongo, it's great to fill it with vintage goodies.  Individual van owners buy from us, as well as companies that hire camper vans out for holidays.

Choose from Gaydon melamine, Vintage Flowery Trays, vintage sheets and pillow cases, comfy vintage cushions and much, much more!

Vintage Camper Decoration Ideas

Are you looking for ideas to kit out your vintage camper van or caravan? Look no further than yay retro! We have loads of great ideas.

Lots of people who own a VW camper or Sprite Caravan want to fill it with vintage wares from the 1960s and 70s for the full nostalgic effect. Adding vintage cushions is the easiest and comfiest way to add a splash of retro colour to your van, and we have cushions in lots of shapes and sizes to choose from. Made from up-cycled vintage linens choose from a range of flower power designs from orange to red and pink...

Another top idea is to invest in vintage melamine tableware, our most popular melamine items are Flower Power trays and Gaydon Melmex Butter dishes.

Floral trays like this one from 1970s Marks and Spencers are the perfect way to carry items in and out of your van when eating al fresco, and look wonderful when not in use too. Many camper van hire companies like to kit out their vans for hire with items just like this.

Melamine is a lightweight plastic, and so the most popular choice for camper and caravanners, one of our best selling items is the Gaydon Melmex butter dish, designed in the 60s this iconic brand is a key feature of any camers breakfast table.

If you are looking for campervan storage ideas, look no further than 70s Tupperware such as that shown in the orange 'harvest' pattern above or vintage 50/60s tea, coffee and sugar canisters. These plastic storage jars are the lightweight solution to managing your teabags etc in your van!

Vintage enamel teapots, coffee pots and saucepans are another extremely popular choice with vintage glampers. Resilient, fun and stylish; heating your beans up in one these lovelies is sure to brighten your day!

yay retro! offer combined postage wherever possible via a refund after purchase. So if you find numerous items which will deck out your vintage van in style go ahead and indulge! Pop into yay retro! for a browse now...

Vintage Cushions with Squishy Inserts Included

yay retro! have a wonderful range of handmade cushions made from reclaimed vintage fabrics for sale. Our range features lots of unique, individual designs including the wonderful Scandi cushion above, which is backed with bright yellow.

We also have lots of flowery cushions in pinks, purples and oranges, like the adorable orange and yellow daisy cushion below...

All of our cushions have a fresh squishy cushion insert included to save you time and money going out to source one yourself. We can also combine postage for you.

yay retro! cushions are ideal for your modern vintage home, your vintage campervan or caravan! Glamping will never be the same again :O)


Vintage Sprite 400 Caravan

Recently at The Yellow Vintage Fair I came across the most adorable dinky little caravan, when I stepped inside I was taken right back to my childhood... It turned out that the caravan was a Sprite 400, and this was the eaxct model my parents had in the 1960s/70s. I was very emotional looking inside as it brought back so many memories for me. One of the biggest surprises was the size, as I remember it as being a lot bigger. I had to phone my Mum to check if we definitely had the Sprite 400, and 'yes we did'!

We went to Woolacombe in Devon at least 4 times a year with it, driving for hours and hours, as back then there were no motorways! I slept on the hammock bed above my brother, and my Mum tells me that we used to put out the double bed and the 4 of us would watch TV...I absolutely cannot recall having a TV in the van, so that was news (how modern of us!). It would have been B&W of course.

I managed to find out who owned this lovely vintage caravan, and it is Laura from Laura Bartlett Photograpy. She has only recently purchased it, and is in the process of painting and decorating it, and making some new stripy cushions for the bench seats. The outside will eventually be painted and a vintage retro bicycle decal will finish off the van's new retro look!

Laura is then intending to tour the coastline and spend time wild swimming. It will be her haven for a few months. How fab! 

We love the red polka dot retro accesories Laura has put inside the van, along with vintage red enamelware - our fav! Just love the photo of the Morris Minor with this great little van too!  

Why not pop into yay retro! now for lots of gorgeous camper and caravan vintage accessories :O)

Vintage Caravan and Camper Accessories from yay retro!

If you have a vintage camper or caravan and are looking for 60s and 70s accessories, then yay retro! is the place to shop! We have bark cloth cushions, vintage enamel saucepans, vintage tablemats and Gaydon melamine....all vital for creating that homely retro feel when on short breaks and holidays! Why not go shopping at yay retro! now? We will combine psotage wherever we can via a refund after purchase.


Fresh stock of Vintage 1960s Gaydon

Gaydon Melamine is wonderful stuff! Designed in the 1960s, it has a fabulous flared shape to the cups and the saucers, plates and dishes are all oval. Virtually unbreakable, it is the ideal tableware for vintage campervans, caravans or when out picniking or camping. 

Many people also use it in their kitchen, and why not as this was the room it was designed for! Right now we have pastel Gaydon melmex teasets in stock in multi colours or blue, and also a nice range of orange cups, saucers, jugs, bowls and tablewares.

Click here to view yay retro!'s current stock of vintage melamine. PS, this is very popular with theatre groups who use it on stage, unbreakable, retro and very stylish it is the perfect actors prop!

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