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Perfect Poole Pottery Platter Covered in Flowers for sale

This huge Poole Pottery platter is for sale in the yay retro! online shop at the moment. It's a whopping 32cm and was hand painted by the paintresses in the 70s. Based on Truda Carter's original designs and developed by Ruth Pavely this complex floral bouquet pattern has been beautifully executed and the reverse has been signed by the paintress. it looks to have never been used and would be the perfect gift idea for any poole pottery collector.  

I can imagine this used on your table, hung on the wall or propped on a shelf to great effect. It's big enough for a huge heap of sandwiches a very large birthday or wedding cake and would make a superb present to celebrate a special occasion. Check it out now by searching 'Poole' at yay retro!

Poole Pottery Vintage Oven to Tableware For Sale

In the late 1950s and into 1960s Robert Jefferson created two very significant ranges of tableware for Poole Pottery.  These are Lucullus and Herb Garden and include many novel pieces which can be sued from oven to table.

Poole Pottery Lucullus

The Lucullus range is mainly decorated with vegetables, whilst there is also a baking plate decorated with shrimps. It has the Blue Moon glaze which is a teal or petrol blue with a glossy finish.  The stunning thing about this tableware is the very fine quality of the pottery. It is amazingly fine, yet robust enough to be used in the oven.

The tableware is on a par with Pyrex being designed for baking in the oven, as well as storing items in the fridge.  We have a round casserole dish and also the ergonomically shaped stewpot decorated with mushrooms for sale in the yay retro! shop at the moment. 

Below are two of the baking plates ostensibly for fish, but could be used for anything and look wonderful on display when not in use.

Poole Pottery Herb Garden

The Herb Garden range has the highly sought after zingy acid lemon Sunshine Yellow glaze and herb patterns.  This is much harder to get hold of, either as people did not buy so much of it when the range was launched, or because being an exciting glaze people have held on to the pieces they have and passed them down though their families.

This oven to tableware is perfect for display when not in use, we love the peapod patterns which are absolutely bang on trend at the moment.

The unusual shapes in the both the Lucullus and Herb Garden ranges still have the power to encourage creative recipes and are really fun to cook with!

Why not pop in to the yay retro! online vintage shop now and search 'Poole' using this link?

Vintage Streamline Poole Pottery for sale

Here at yay retro! we believe that the very best Poole Pottery is the Twintone Streamline range from the 1950s.  We adore the curvy shapes of this, along with the matte glazes.  Of all the colours available it is the ice green colour that most collectors fall in love with, and we're happy to say we have some for sale in the yay retro! shop right now

Choose from cups and saucers, tea plates or even a Poole Pottery biscuit barrel. We have them in ice green, peach bloom and the rare red indian colour ways. If want something extra special why not go for the war time ration version of the Poole pottery nibbles dish? This has 3 different colour glazes and is super hard to find! the idea was to pop each person's butter ration in a separate part of the dish!

yay retro! love to sell the more unusual and collectable parts of the Poole Pottery range, so why not pop in and see what we have in stock? From a Pebble Grey teapot to a lime yellow cruet set you are sure to find a fantastic gift or treat for the Poole Pottery collector in your life!

Poole Pottery Featherdrift Teapot for sale

yay retro! are happy to have a Poole Pottery Featherdrift teapot in our online vintage china shop for sale. This was one of the patterns that Alfred Read designed in the early 1950s for the company, along with Ariadne, Ripple and Constellation. Each was designed for what was known as the Contemporary pattern range and are highly sought after and rarely found.

This design has a magnolia base called Alpine White and an ice green lid. The glaze colour in the hand painted pattern are named Tropic Turquoise 30, Purbeck Grey and Black which is pale. 

If you would like to take a look at all of the Poole Pottery yay retro! have for sale at the moment, click here. this includes a Grey Pebble teapot and also a Honeydew pot in the Contour shape.

Poole Pottery Biscuit Barrels for sale at yay retro!

yay retro! is the place to come if you are looking to buy a vintage Poole Pottery biscuit barrel. We have 4 different ones to choose from at the moment! Whether you fancy a hand painted floral biscuit barrel from the 1930/40s or a peach bloom (pink) and seagull (pastel grey) we have both available in our online vintage china shop.

Perhaps you are looking for the more sought after Twintone colour of ice green and mushroom form the 1950/60s? We have collectors as far afield as Australia and New Zealand for this colour way. One of rarest colours to find for Poole Pottery biscuit jars is Red Indian and Magnolia - this was the first Twintone colour introduced in the 1950s, and guess what?- yay retro! have one - brilliant!

We love the wicker handles on the barrels which keep biscuits and crackers surprisingly fresh. The other great thing about them is that the subtle colours match even the most patterned of china old and new, s they suit pretty much every kitchen decor.  Shop for Poole Pottery with yay retro! now by clicking here.

Poole Pottery Honeydew at yay retro! now

yay retro! are very happy to have a wide selection of Poole Pottery Honeydew available for sale. This warm toned yellow glaze was made in 1972 and appears mainly on the Contour shaped wares created by Robert Jefferson. However, we have got our hands on a set of Streamline cups and saucers in this lovely yellow colour too! We know how much Poole Pottery collectors love this shape of cup, so it's fantastic to have tracked these down.

Above Honeydew Poole Pottery Contour Teapot

Honeydew is one of the cameo glazes and is the last of the Twintone range we believe, (it's twinned with white). Happily we have lots of matching items including a teapot, and a very unusual tall sized Contour pitcher jug. We think this would be amazing with flowers in it, as well as milk, juice etc. It's so sleek and elegant!

We also have milk jugs and a lidded sugar bowl or preserve pot with a white pointy lid. These pots are very popular with collectors of Poole Pottery. The company created so many permutations over the years and they are a great way to own and display the many different shapes and glazes Poole Pottery made in a compact way. 

We also have Poole Pottery Honeydew dishes and plates available in this glaze. Why not pop into the yay retro! shop now and search Honeydew by clicking here?

Poole Pottery Grey Pebble Teapot for sale

yay retro! are delighted to have a stunning Grey Pebble teapot for sale in our vintage china shop here. Grey Pebble is an incredibly rare pattern created by Robert Jefferson for Poole in 1959. The design appears on the gorgeous Streamline shaped pottery from the company and is highly sought after. Poole also manufactured Black Pebble wares, the two mix well together.

We love the silky matte finish to the glaze on Poole Pottery, and the pebble effect lid on this pot is absolutely fabulous. Am sure Poole Pottery collectors would love this! You can find all the Poole Pottery we have for sale here.

You can read about Poole Pottery in the yay retro! Retropedia here.

1960s Poole Pottery Stunning Design

As a devoted lover of vintage Poole Pottery tableware, I think the brand is vastly underrated and in some quarters unheard of which is completely amazing when you take a look at the cutting edge designs they produced from the 1930s to 1970s. Last evening we had a whole host of salads for tea, and I unearthed a lidded vegetable dish from Poole's Contour range designed in the 1960s to serve my potato salad. I have hardly used this dish, but from here on in I will definitely do so, as using it again properly made me appreciate it's Zen-like simplicity.

Just look at it's minimalist lines, curvaceous shape and slender curved handles! This dish is super elegant, and it's design is incredibly contemporary, it is hard to believe that this was designed over 50 years ago. The one thing that tells you it is not new is it's quality - it just isn't possible to buy something of this calibre in the shops today!  

Vintage Poole Pottery is light, thin and has a gorgeous matte finish, no brash glossiness or clunkiness. This was made back in the day when time was taken to create a stunning piece of tableware to really stand the test of time. The Contour range created in the 60s complements the Streamline designs which were created in the 1930s/40s by Poole. It really is worth taking a stroll through the Poole Pottery yay retro! have for sale and have sold over the years to see how beautiful this tableware actually is. 

If you would like to find out more about vintage Poole Pottery why not have a read of my Retropedia here?

Poole Pottery Red Indian & Magnolia for sale

After war time manufacturing restrictions were lifted, the first two colour Twintone glaze Poole Pottery produced was their C95 Red Indian and Magnolia range. This was launched in 1953 for the North American market and would have suited the trend for red and cream kitchens, which were leaning towards the designs of the American diner at the time.  

Red Indian and Magnolia was produced until 1958 and is one of the rarer glazes to find, as such it commands a premium price and is very sought after by Poole Pottery collectors. yay retro! have a pair of Streamline cups and saucers for sale at the moment, as well as a super rare biscuit barrel in truly excellent condition. Why not take a look at these in the shop now? You can also see other examples of Poole Red Indian we have previously sold, which makes for scrummy viewing! Click here!!

Poole Pottery Biscuit Barrels for sale

yay retro! adore Poole Pottery for it's understated minimalism, design style, matte finish and quality. One of our most favourite items is the Streamline biscuit barrel designed in the 1930s and made right up until the 1970s. Available in a variety of colours and patterns, we always like to have at least one in stock for lovers of Poole to buy. 

At the moment we have a very pretty floral small sized biscuit barrel, a pink one in the peach bloom glaze and a very rare Red Indian and Magnolia version. All have the trade mark cane handle and are superb for storing your biscuits or crackers. Look out for the extra rare lime yellow version coming to the yay retro! vintage shop soon! Search Poole Pottery by clicking here.

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